January 24, 2022

Friday (errr, Monday) Recommendations #3

1. Walmart substituted this in my grocery order because they, apparently, had no more half and half. It's surprisingly good. I'm not a fan of straight coconut milk creamer (it's sour in coffee?) but this is great with the oat milk. We used to do oat milk a lot more but haven't in awhile. 

2. This is so lame, but...Scott brought home ginger ale the other day because Wells was sick. We naturally drink a lot of ginger ale anyway because we just like it. He got orange juice as well and mixed them together. It tastes just like a mimosa. Wells was not a fan, but I am. Wells has been very specific in his requests for ginger ale the last few days and he does not want "yucky ginger ale". Much in the same way he realized a few months ago that I would slip Motrin into his milk and he would start yelling "no medicine milk". 

3. Compression socks. These have been a game-changer for me in the last week. I usually just wear them around the house, sleeping in regular socks and wearing regular socks to work. My leg pain has disappeared. Hopefully that keeps up so I can get through the next few weeks at least. 

4. The Tender Bar. This is a movie on Amazon that we watched last weekend. It was interesting because I had never heard of JR's memoir. A really good story though so if you want a movie night at home, I'd try it. We usually go for those types of movies though, over whatever kind of action/Disney that is currently all the rage. 

5. This tweet. It's probably the most accurate thing I've seen in awhile. Though, I think Gen X aren't living up to their reputation these days. A Boomer probably wouldn't run into the wall in the first place.

Anyhow. It was a rough week in these parts and the weekend hasn't been that relaxing either. I'm grateful that I haven't gotten sick yet aside from a bit of a sore throat and normal pregnancy congestion. Fingers crossed Wells can go to preschool this week. As I said on Instagram, he has had something going on and I took off two days last week to stay home with him, taking him to the doctor on Friday. They said it was just a basic virus plus conjunctivitis...so, great. The eyedrops 4 times a day have been the true highlight lately. 


  1. OH i'm cracking up so hard at that tweet.

  2. I'm going to have to give that creamer a try!
    I used to wear compression socks all the time when I ran... I need to dig them out

  3. LOLOLOL that tweet!!!! I watching it several times in a row. That half and half looks good. Hope Wells is feeling better!


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