October 1, 2021

Friday Favorites #6


They all ate spilled dry Cheerios off the floor the other day. Like a pack of dogs. 


I used spinach pasta to make this recipe. I skipped the goat cheese because I've never really liked it and just did parmesan. It was quite good. 

He ate it for two nights for dinner. ^


I am having a real issue here: I stay up late, every night, reading things like this. I'm planning on printing out a bunch of copies, handing them out on the street corner, and (probably) putting one in all of my Christmas cards. It's the testimony of a journalist who has been researching the effects and non-effects of Covid on kids. 

I encourage you, especially if you work with kids, to read it. I also encourage you, if you have nothing to do with kids, to read it. 


I've having a real issue with this: if someone calls and calls and I don't answer because it's legitimately inconvenient...why can't they just text if they have something to say? 


We have like half a roof. A few weeks ago, when it rained for an entire day, we discovered a leak, which led to digging around in the attic, which led to what we already knew was a serious ventilation issue, which we knew would need to be fixed. The leak prompted Scott to move this to project #1 so he decided we would replace half the roof this fall and half in the spring. We ordered all the materials, so then it's just waiting for the commodity of time in order to take care of it all. We are going with metal roofing, not shingles, in case you're interested. So, anyway, he pulled a bunch of the roof off and put up new plywood and then, because it's supposed to rain for like multiple days now (he intentionally planned this for a 10 day dry stretch and then the forecast changed)...so we have a tarp and cinderblocks over the plywood roof. 

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