October 12, 2021

A giant book fail. Again.

I wanted to say that I hopped back on the reading wagon and read multiple books in September. 

I did not. 

I started The Neighbor's Secret, from Book of the Month. It's not bad at all. I just never felt like sitting down to read. I would read before bed and made some steady-ish progress but then just stopped, so it's still sitting there on my nightstand. 

I started A Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins but it was so terrible that I quit 4 hours into the audio. I think it was 16 hours total? I can't remember. I returned it to Audible. I have a feeling I would've had even worse luck with the physical copy. #1 Has anyone actually finished this book? #2 Has anyone who finished it actually enjoyed it? I don't judge about it; I'm just wondering if it gets better. 

I got the audio for Liane Moriarty's new book Apples Never Fall, which I was very excited about. I truly felt that Nine Perfect Strangers was a bit of a dud (so much so that I haven't even attempted the show on Hulu...). 

Unfortunately, Apples Never Fall hasn't been doing it for me either. I don't know that I like that main character...she's very flighty and wishy-washy. I'm not even that far into it. Maybe 4 hours (I sense a pattern) and I struggle pressing play. 

Also, I am wholly unsettled by the police state that Australia has turned into...I can't wrap my head around it, so reading a book that takes place there almost seems silly to me. 

It's quite possible that world events have just turned me off to reading. I never "read to escape" as it is. I've always watched TV to escape. But the TV options lately are awful too. Is there anything you're enjoying? 

I have watched LuLaRich and I've watched most of Clickbait. And Scott watches a lot of random things, usually movies or sci-fi in the Netflix Top 10 that I have no interest in seeing. 

We tried On the Verge and it was so depressing. Is that really how miserable a lot of people are? Sadly, I don't think it was supposed to come off that way. It was *supposed to be* funny. No wonder people cling to their Covid regulations...sorry, guys...if that's the only thing that gives order and meaning. It would be really easy to be knocked off your feet and blind-sided by a a virus if you were living the life of those miserable women. 

I digress.

I did order a new Book of the Month and I grabbed Rock, Paper, Scissors by Alice Feeney because so many raved about it last month. 

Honestly, at the rate I'm going, these'll last til Christmas. Maybe I'll read them before 2022. 

Linking up for SUYB, mostly just to get your recommendations! (bc i have very little contribute this month :)


  1. I can attest that NO - A Slow Fire Burning does not get better AT ALL... its just so irritating.
    Hope you enjoy Rock Paper Scissors!
    I never finished reading Nine Perfect Strangers but I really enjoyed the Hulu Show - so I may try the book again. I had to return it to the library

  2. I haven't read any of the books you are trying to read. I've been debating about reading Apples Never Fall but I wasn't a fan of Nine Perfect Strangers or most of her newer books. I'm waiting for Rock, Paper Scissors to come in from the library.

  3. I tried reading November 9 by Colleen Hoover this month and ended up not finishing it (which I rarely do!). Here's to hoping for a better reading month next month!

  4. Haven't bothered with A Slow Fire Burning but LuLaRich was fascinating

  5. I completely forgot about the link up, but also, let's be real, I think I finished 1 book anyway.


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