September 20, 2021

Is it #fall yet?

I tried to take pictures this weekend and then lost the motivation at some point. 

Wells went to his first parade. His school watched the local homecoming parade on Friday and he came home with a bunch of candy. I'm so glad he is having a NORMAL school year for his introduction to preschool. 

So, here's your friendly reminder: Arguing on Twitter is stupid and pointless but I find it really does sharpen your tactics. I follow a lot of pediatricians who believe masking is harmful to kids.  

I made cake pops on Saturday. It's actually a two-day project and I couldn't finish because all I had were the Wilton's candy melts and regular almond bark actually works so much better. I'll finish them next weekend. 

It's actually shockingly easy to make them if you put in a little time. I used to make a batch almost every weekend (circa 2012) and share them with my class. 

We have a little antenna to watch football this year and it really does work. A one-time $30 investment for like 30 channels, and that gets us the major games every week. We did this in Colorado and Kansas too. 
I was very happy to see packed stands at the Penn State game. Relieved, actually. Good for them. I would also like to issue a friendly reminder that everyone who is in favor of canceling sports or locking down or taking this away from kids and college students...has already had their childhood and young adult life experiences. It's no cost to them at all. 

(I don't even know what is on his carseat.)

There are 4 ice cream places we can go to around here. I go to the farthest one away almost always because they have the most child-friendly-sizing on the "1 scoop dish". I think it costs more too. But the customer service is so much better and, again, Wells doesn't need a vat of ice cream all at once. 

I really wanted to do "fall" this weekend but my box of decorations is in the barn and Scott was busy and this is a pumpkin I bought at Walmart last week and a candle from last month. 
Next week. 

I've been making acai smoothies lately. I had a random craving for Daily Harvest again and then realized I cannot, with clear conscience, spend $80 on pre-made mint smoothies. I found this powdered acai mix at Walmart last week and it's even better. 

Sunday, we went for a walk and did some things around the house. We watched the Steelers lose. Wells took a long nap. Scott went up in the attic on a ladder and Scout climbed up after him multiple times so I had to actually pin the dog down. 

The usual. 

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