September 24, 2021

Friday Favorites #5

 1. Fall. The weather turned cooler this week and it's been the shift I need. I don't know how people function in heat 11-12 months a year. Just like how I couldn't understand how people functioned in cold 11 months a year in Alaska (cold is relative just like heat is relative, I guess).

However, 90 degrees again on Monday....

2. This cashew chicken.

3. We got our coffeemaker from Amazon the other day. It's very nice. I asked for suggestions on Instagram and everyone said "Keurig" or "Nespresso". We won't buy another Keurig after our last one just up and died and we couldn't find a way for it to be fixed. Nespresso is a nice thought but probably unnecessary. We have an actual espresso pod machine so what we really just wanted was a single-serve k-cup brewer. 

I've noticed the only bell and whistle it doesn't have that some might like is a timer/automatic setting. But it takes about 30 seconds or less to heat up, so that doesn't matter to me. I only ever used that setting on a regular coffeepot. 

And unfavorites...

My windshield is supposed to be replaced today. Scott is taking it to Safelite an hour away (nothing is ever quite close in this part of Missouri) and I really hope there's not any issues. It's supposed to be done in a few hours. He called it "one of his more expensive mistakes" so he is driving it there, waiting, and driving it back. I would've lived with it much longer with just a crack, but it's been actively spreading over the last few days. 

We have to replace the roof. 

We have to fix (hopefully not replace) the dryer in our rental house in Wyoming. 

Being an adult is not quite that much fun. 

^That last one gets you, right?


  1. That cashew chicken looks really delicious!

  2. Safelite is relatively fast, I just used them in the winter for the same thing. I'm loving our fall weather!!

  3. I need to make that cashew chicken, I love sheet pan meals and don't do them enough! It is cooler here the last few days but I am sure it will sneak back up to hot again. I have been soaking in ever last second of it while it lasts.


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