August 5, 2021

Stuff and Things 8/5

 +As if last week weren't enough to pile on my plate, lightning struck our tree on Saturday afternoon. 

+This is really random but, given our internet issues, I've realized how valuable it may be for Wells not to rely on a constantly connected device when it comes to streaming TV shows. I would really like him to know how to work a DVD player. We don't have a ton of kid-friendly DVDs, though we do have several Disney movies. I just want him to have this near-antiquated skill to make him a bit more self-reliant in the world. The problem: We've had multiple DVD players over the years. We managed to lose all of them between Colorado/Wyoming and Pittsburgh. So, unless, we find one in the barn when we're unpacking boxes this fall, we'll be buying a new one. 

This is a literal goal of mine before the end of the year: teach Wells to use DVD player. 

+I found this accent rug for $3 at Walmart awhile ago and grabbed it because I like plaid/checked for #fall. At Target the other day, I found this outdoor mat to put on top of it. Looks perfect for September, right? I don't love all the mats with sayings because everyone has one now but I thought this pattern looked cute on top of the plaid. 

+Does anyone else really dislike the weekends? I feel like I almost always have, which is ridiculous. When Scott's not here, it's annoying. When Scott's not here and the weather isn't pleasant and I have two dogs and a 3 year old to entertain, it's miserable. I've been counting down the weekends until school starts in my head so I know when I'll be able to start appreciating weekends again. 

+Things I lost in the move to Missouri: a wall clock, the cord to my essential oil diffuser, the fitted sheet to our bed. Maybe they're in the barn with the DVD player Scott swears we have. 

+I've been taking Wells to my school this week so I could do some basic set-up. I'm not done by any stretch but there's only so much I can do until I get more information. I have training all next week and then I'll be in my building every day for training the week after that. 
Things I also lost in the last 4 years: 50% of my children's books. They may be in a barn in Pennsylvania. Or they may be in this barn. It's hard to say which barn. 
Whatever. Kids don't read books anymore. They use Chromebooks for everything. Sigh. I don't know how I feel about the tech use in school right now. I guess I don't love it. 
That rug is pretty fabulous though. This school district doesn't do carpet (all my other ones did!) so they try to work with you in making sure they procure you a rug of some sort.

+Jett is such an insanely good dog. Wells is able to actually walk him. Jett doesn't need a collar or a leash, really. Half the time, if you yell for him, you trip on him and end up yelling at him instead for trying to kill you. 

That's the stuff and things that sum up our week. Tomorrow: memes. 


  1. Dang, that lightning really did a number on the tree!

  2. THAT TREEEEE!!! That's amazing.
    Ahh - what a good dog! my dogs are good - until they see a frisbee - then all bets are off. KNOCK YOU DOWN
    I'm going to ignore you said the words "dislike" & "Weekends" in the same sentence


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