August 2, 2021

Sorry, guys. Last week really kind of sucked.

I don't like using that language, but it's the only way to get the point across. 

First, Scott's dad passed away last Sunday. We expected it after he'd been dealing with complications from stage 4 cancer for several months. Toward the end, it was a lot of trying to coordinate hospice and round-the-clock care and then plan a funeral in advance because we knew this would happen sooner, rather than later. 

In addition...Scott is in the field at a training exercise. That means, he will leave the exercise to fly home for the funeral and fly immediately back to the field, never stopping here in between. Maybe it'll be a 48 hour trip? (this is why everything needed to be planned out in advance) I *think* I know when he'll be home from this training but I don't really know because this is the army we're talking about. 

For this reason, I am staying here with Wells and the dogs. Driving across the country in 100 degree heat with them all is not the safest idea, nor the most uncomplicated. 

In addition...I'm really hoping to be able to set up my classroom this week. No one is allowed in the building yet and I'm really wondering how I'm supposed to do this with school starting very, very soon. I have training all next week and the week after and then school starts. 

We've been under a heat advisory, which just adds to the misery of everything. We couldn't even play outside last week. The one day I tried to walk everyone, there was a pitbull at the dog park so we couldn't play there and then, while trying to take Wells into a port-a-potty, he and I both got stung by wasps. 

In he's afraid of bugs which is just...perfect. We've had a lot of discussions about how "yes, one bug hurt you, but no other bugs have ever hurt you so you don't need to be afraid of every bug. it was one bug." He still runs around outside with both hands on his neck, for protection, soooo....he may be scarred for life. 

My mom is coming to stay for a few weeks because I can't exactly go back to work and leave Wells by himself. He doesn't start school until after I do. 

In addition...I have a lot of fear that I won't be able to drop Wells off and make it to work on time? I personally don't think this because it doesn't make a lot of sense (4 miles in 45 minutes should be do-able, right?), but others have warned me about it (if you think I'm a Negative Nancy, you should talk to some of these people I've chatted with lately), so I don't even have a lot of faith in this daycare option at this point. 

We can pile on top all of the new CDC "recommendations" which aren't really anything but word salad. My friend said it makes her blood pressure go up. That's exactly how I feel. I haven't felt this depressed about the covid situation, ever. 

My windshield is broken. It's not an impediment to driving, but will need to be replaced eventually. Since I have fancy sensors in my car, we're assuming $400-500. 

Last week, our internet stopped working (again). But that was FINE because our NEW INTERNET was supposed to be hooked up the day our current internet was out of sorts. It was fate.

The shortest version of that story is that our new internet was not hooked up and I found myself, sitting in the yard, yelling (actually yelling What is wrong with you?) at the installation technician. 

Which led to Scott calling the company FROM THE FIELD and working his way up from supervisor to supervisor, which led to a 3-way call with the technician and "Anita" and "Courtney", who promised this would be taken care of, but Scott has yet to hear back. Now I have to put it on my own calendar to call twice a week every week (Scott called me relentless, I call it restorative justice) until results are reached. 

I suppose the good news is that the technician from the current internet company and I got to chat again as he was forced to come out to our house and replace a part on our satellite for the second time this month. 

In addition...while I was in the yard yelling profanities into the phone, something possessed Wells to peel apart the drywall in the living room. 

I still haven't told Scott about that. 

Scout the Dog is on a hunger strike. He gets like this when Scott is away sometimes. He'll eat a few bites and then just dances around his food and holds out for something better, and this drives Jett nuts because Jett just wants to eat all the food. Wells has started picking up the bowl to get it away from Jett and then Scout can't get to it and....this was commonplace in Colorado but hasn't happened much since. Scout always wins because then I will eventually make him scrambled eggs. 

I also witnessed Scout dragging his bed over in front of the air conditioning vent. Smart. That's also a pretty high-end sleeping bag and, for us, doubles as a dog bed it seems.

The only thing that didn't go wrong, really, was that the a/c didn't break down during the heat wave.

There's always this week, I suppose. 

Summer can be over any time now. 


  1. You have had a week! I am so sorry! I am sure it is extra hard with Scott's dad, and sending condolences to your family right now. The covid situation makes me so sad and angry. All the lies and bs. I wanted so badly to have a normal school year this year but my friend texted me this morning and said the teachers and parents have to mask again and we may not be allowed inside the building. I cant imagine dropping Zoe off at the door on her first day. It is going to break my heart not to walk her to class. I hope you are able to get your timing right for drop off, and get in to set up your class room!

  2. OK but truly, some weeks just truly do suck, and that sounds like one of them. Hope it gets better soon

  3. Whew, that's a lot! So sorry to hear about your family's loss.

  4. So sorry for your loss. How incredibly sad. Not to make your day worse, but if by fancy sensors in your windshield you mean cameras to detect when you are getting too close to the car in front of you, expect to pay more than $400 to $500. My husband had to replace his plain jane windshield and it was $500. Then two months later (we are having bad windshield luck...), I had to replace mine with the sensors/ camera and it cost $1000. Hopefully yours does not cost that much.

  5. Oh dude. What a week, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry about your FIL! The Covid situation is going to drive me to the brink. Here we are in a new state, and I’m trying to sign Gracie up for things so she can make friends, but with rumors that it’s all going to be shut down again.

  6. I’m so sorry about Scott’s Dad. I’m glad your mom can come and I’m confused why you aren’t allowed in the building. Is this another arbitrary covid thing? I’m right there with you on the depression thing. Ben Shapiros podcast yesterday did give me some hope on the Delta variant front.
    I go back in a mask on Monday and my kids have to wear masks at their college which is probably 90% or more vaccinated.

    1. Thank you.
      Matt Walsh is a good listen too when it comes to culture and how we're crippling ourselves by trying to get to zero sickness.

      I think it has a lot to do with the floors being waxed and the walls being painted? In my previous buildings, you could just walk around it and sneak to your room. Here, I feel they just didn't want to take chances.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about Scott's dad's passing.
    Some weeks... its like the floor falls out underneath of us.


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