July 8, 2021

Stuff and Things 7/8

I have been feeling extra bitter lately. Is that even a thing? I don't know why. I have no reason other than feeling generally overwhelmed. It's weird. I am actually in an all out battle with the internet company and feel like I can't even function because I dislike them so much... it's a whole thing. But it's a big thing when you try to get online to pay a bill or check the weather or, you know, BLOG and the connection has dropped again. 

Don't even get me started on how long it took to watch one 40 minute episode of Bosch.

This is a story for another day. 

(We could talk about how the representative at the company told me to turn off the wifi if I'm not using it. No. I'm not a caveman. You can live like someone who uses dial-up connected to your house phone,  but I want to watch Bosch. We have new internet being installed next week and this is the never-ending migraine. ...and I don't even get migraines...   have you ever noticed that people who *do* get migraines talk about them all of the time? is that weird that I notice that?)

Here are a few randoms you might be interested in...

 +I have had so much to do in the last two weeks. *Insert "welcome to our home" gif*. I always think of this scene from Christmas Vacation when I feel like chaos is surrounding me. 

+I had so much to do that Wells asked for dino chicken nuggets the other day and I made them for lunch and then looked at the clock and realized it was 9:30am and, well, he ate his lunch at 9:45am.

+A Facebook ad got me the other day for Madewell. Not even, like, Instagram. Facebook. Ugh. I'm such an older millenial. I could not put in my card info fast enough. 

I 100% prefer canvas/nylon to leather and this was originally $85, so I consider it a bargain. 

+Okay, we're borrowing an air fryer for the summer and I use it multiple times a day. It's ridiculous. We're going to be buying one of our own. I have learned that anything can be air-fried so I'm going for it. Garlic bread is a real winner there. Any must-makes for an air fryer?

+My parents arrived yesterday and we are celebrating Wells this weekend for his 3rd birthday.

+We went to our neighbors' house for quite a large 4th of July party the other day and it turns out that the only thing Wells likes more than a wedding reception is a fireworks show. The yelling and the cheering...he couldn't get enough. 

An action shot: 

And Scout: don't get me started. He was actually trying to catch the fireworks. He thought they were hunting. He literally ran into the battle and caught a parachute (when they were shooting off play rockets that dropped parachutes earlier in the day, not the heavy-duty stuff at night).  For weeks (since the 4th is months long in some parts of the country), we've thought he was afraid of fireworks. No. He thinks they're gunshots and there's a dead bird for him to retrieve. 

Anyway. Wells and Scout stole the show at that gathering. We had quite literally the two loudest, most excitable living things in attendance. Jett was completely unfazed by it all. 

The obvious question is: why did you take your dogs to the fireworks show? Well, our house is 20 feet away from the neighbor's fence and they would've destroyed the interior if they heard/saw it happening. It was easier to just walk them over and sit with them.  

+I haven't even watched The Bachelorette this week so I don't know that I'll have much to say tomorrow. Did anyone watch? 


  1. I saw that SAME Facebook ad the other and almost bought that exact tote! I see it's sold out now... dang it! Scout is a trooper with the fireworks! Our almost 11 year old basset just recently started being terrified of them & won't leave my side, hah.

  2. Have fun with your family & celebrating Wells...3? Icant believe it!
    I love your new bag!!! Good job Facebook!
    I still have yet to find anything special about our air fryer - so share when you can on your favorite things you make in it

  3. That tote is cute, I clicked on it but it is sold out. Instagram got me with an add this week too. Glad that Wells loves fireworks! Zoe doesn't like the noise still so I think we are going to wait until next year to go to an event with one. We watched them on TV instead. I love my air fryer. My favorite thing is to roast vegetables in them and make homemade fries. And ears of corn! If you put them in at 400 degrees for 10 minutes, they come out looking and tasting grilled to perfection.


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