July 23, 2021

3 Friday recommendations (+Memes)

1. Originally, I was going to call this post "summer hacks" and tell you all the things that are saving my life this summer. LOL. Nope. 

I will share this though: it's a great little pep talk from The Lazy Genius. I really like Kendra as long as she isn't talking about something remotely related to and/or adjacent to religion. I mean, she does go on a bit of a rant about her therapist in this episode, but the message behind the rant is what's important. I recommend it if you need a bit of a push to get through the rest of summer. 

2. I love J.D. Vance. If I had to pick a politician to vote for, it'd be him. He did an interview with Allie Stuckey yesterday so it's worth a listen! If you read Hillbilly Elegy, that's his story. 

3. Alisa Childers did an interview with Voddie Baucham this week. So good. His book, Fault Lines, is on my Audible short list and he's always fascinating to listen to in interviews. He's a pastor, living in Africa, originally from L.A., raised by a single teen mother who was a Buddhist. His story is fascinating. 

*Side note: If you take great issue with Jeff Bezos going into space, just know that he is basically funding research into space travel with his own money. This means taxpayers don't have to. He's doing a good thing...so are Richard Branson and Elon Musk.
If you realllllly take great issue, cancel your Amazon subscription. If you don't want to support capitalism, don't.*

*If I could take out Ohio and the 6-7 hours it takes to travel across it, I would go home to Pennsylvania more often and maybe just for fun, you know?*

*This is where I'm at. Except for the Tricare thing. I've never taken issue with our insurance, really.*

*Honestly, take out 'midwesterners' and replace with anyone who ever has to drive in snow.*


*Next week's adventure will be continuing my battle with a local internet company. This is a v v v long story but the company, who I keep trying to get an installation with, told me that "ah ha! there is someone near you disconnecting this week so this should speed up the process." 
Instead of just adding more lines/connections, you have to apparently take turns. 
This is socialism. 
I've been trying to get an install done since the first week in May. 
Again, I feel very feisty about economics this week, so if you are anti-capitalism, you don't actually know what socialism entails, I promise. 


  1. That Amazon shipping... that is legit. They dont do the 2 day shipping now & it has RUINED my LIFE - LOL

  2. I also like JD Vance alot - he's got a bright future ahead of him. Looking forward to the podcast. Have a good weekend!

  3. Well, at least Ohio got mentioned (barely but still). Um, Indiana? My birth state and current state of residence did not get the love!! I can completely relate to not wanting to drive across Ohio. I had to drive across Indiana recently to get to IL and all I kept thinking was that I am glad Indiana is a narrow state, lol. I loved JD Vance´s book. Heard he was entering politics. Cool! Speaking of Ohio, he was raised very close to where I live now. Good luck with your internet. Sounds frustrating to say the least.


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