June 24, 2021

Stuff and Things 6/24

I have a post of our travels for June planned out. There's been a lot of back and forth in the last two weeks, but here's a random update of stuff and things...

+I've been fighting a sinus infection of sorts. Super annoying. Especially when traveling. There were a few moments when I actually thought This is my punishment for feeling so stressed out...I feel like I'm just shutting down. All I wanted to do was sleep but I had to...drive Wells across the country. 
Truthfully though, I think we are all just so burnt out from this move (and we're not even fully moved yet!). 8 moves might be my limit.  Wells is taking these long naps every day though and, bless it, because I've instituted "rest time" as a permanent fixture. He rests. I rest. Scott rests if he's here, too. The beauty of no 9-5 job right now is that I can do this. This week, I read a book and watched three episodes of The Bachelorette during rest time. Win-win. 

+Speaking of taking care of myself...I need to do regular Pilates again. I have fallen out of any and all routine. (I'm basically not using the bike out of spite at this point.) There were moments last week where I was fantasizing about how great a foam roller workout would feel. 
So, baby steps to establish a new routine: 10-15 minutes a night. 
I have no routine with this new house/new everything, so anything is better than nothing. 

+I ordered this from Wayfair. We have a need for a cabinet of sorts. I have only had good experience with Wayfair furniture, so I'm hopeful. Still searching for bar stools. 

+I started watching Cruel Summer. Thoughts? 

+I am looking to teach Wells how to swim this summer and he's not cooperating. Has anyone had a child who just *doesn't* want to get in the water? He doesn't want to get in the water. We did swimming lessons when he was a baby and he didn't want any part of it then, either.  I see everyone posting about their swimming lessons and every child looks like a pretty willing participant. 

+I finished a great book yesterday if you want to try and request it from Netgalley. It doesn't come out til late July. 

+Other than reading two books this month and watching 1.5 episodes of Cruel Summer, I have NO media recommendations. I will take any and all, especially when it comes to TV. I miss TV. It's really just been a lot of CocoMelon in the car as background noise lately. 

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  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon! I watched all of Cruel Summer and really liked it.


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