May 11, 2021

April Books 2021

It was a weekend. And I had my books half written up for today and then I just forgot what I wanted to say about some of them because I feel like I read them a million years ago. April was a million years long, right?

This is where Stories come in handy. Enjoy. 

I'm at 24 books for the year, but I'm at 25 overall (including May). I've slowed my reading way down in the last week and it helps me to take a break maybe one week a month. Anyone else? I was doing 1-2 books a week and that ends up being a lot when you have other things to take care of that/who depend your attention. 

 Apparently my story-editing was weird in this post with that extra "book" thrown in there. Must've been late at night or something? Who knows. But the reliability of a solid story is always there when it comes to Peter Swanson. The only book I didn't like was The Girl with a Clock for a Heart (and I hate that title?) but I was thinking I might try it again and see if I've changed my opinion in the last five years. 

The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives by Kristin Miller

The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams

The Wife Before Me by Laura Elliot

Another Gospel? by Alisa Childers

Required reading. I listened to it on Audible. It's pretty important in the days of Christianity we are currently living. Universalism is rampant, but Apologetics focuses on the facts and logic and science behind the Bible. 

The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth

I almost quit this one because it was just exhausting to me but I do like Hepworth so I kept going with some encouragement from Instagram :) 

And then I didn't finish:

What's the best book you've read so far in 2021? 

I can't lie: since I've figured out what I really like (thrillers or nonfiction about topics I'm truly interested in), I'm not quitting as many books. 

ICYMI: Yesterday was some memes because I don't know how anyone has the energy for anything else on a Monday.

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  1. I really liked The Good Sister, but can see where you're coming from. I also DNF the Finlay book. Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. The Wife Before Me sounds like my taste - I love a book with multiple POV
    Look at your with the high book count so far - that's awesome

  3. I totally forgot about the link up u til last night as usual so mines not that detailed this time. I agree with Finlay and I made it through it...barely!

  4. ahhh i really enjoyed violet grant. need to read the next one.

  5. It's been a while since I read a Peter Swanson. I am off quite a few.

    I have Trophy Wives from Netgalley

  6. I've only read one Peter Swanson but I liked it a lot.

    I'm going to disagree with you on Finlay. I enjoyed it if you take it for what it is and don't read too much into some of the other stuff (even if she's a pretty shitty mom).

  7. I really enjoyed The Good Sister. I enjoy thrillers too so will have to check some of these out.

  8. I enjoyed The Good Sister, as you know. I have Finlay on my TBR, definitely heard mixed reviews about it.

  9. I still need to read something by Peter Swanson. I liked Finlay Donovan overall, but I'm hoping the second book will be better - it was kind of a slow read, and not nearly as "thrilling" as I thought it would be. I know what you mean about the not changing the baby's diaper. I didn't like that moment either.


  10. I will check out some of these books (literally, from the library :)). May I suggest to you the author Liz Moore? She does not write thrillers but she is a wonderful writer. A couple of her books have a mystery element to them but they are not thrillers- just well written books. Start with Long Bright River.

  11. I’m almost finished with Another Gospel and loving it. I need to reread it again soon because there’s so much to absorb.

  12. ooo! So many good ones that I haven't read yet. My sister just sent me The Good Sister. Excited to get started on that one.


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