April 30, 2021

Few Things Friday

I had a bunch of beauty products/make-up I wanted to recommend but I think I'll save it for Monday. I have a few stress breakouts right now and Wells has helpfully pointed out the "boo-boos" so maybe I shouldn't recommend the products? Hmm.


Stuffing sausages

2. This is so random but lately I've been thinking about how much I dislike Justin Timberlake. Watch Framing Britney Spears, if you haven't already. I will stand by *Nsync as the greatest boy band, but I've never been a fan of his solo career. I'm working in a classroom right now where the teacher loves to play music for the kids and we've got a lot of JT happening for some reason...I always just think Man, what a jackhole. These kids have no idea. I feel like everyone should know what he did (and is still doing to his wife and I am the most unlikely Jessica Biel defender; I can't stand her.)

3. Did anyone watch the State of the Union? This was my takeaway:  

4. Memes:

We have like seven things to do this weekend. I remembered on Wednesday night that, if we are in fact going to a birthday party on Saturday, I need a gift and that timeline is too close for Amazon so I had to go to the store last night.
It's also gift-giving season with Mother's Day, birthdays, teacher appreciation, and so on. I feel like I have a lot of "stuff" waiting to be mailed. 


  1. Ahahaha these memes. Stealing some for whenever I do meme Monday again. I hate that I love JT, but I did lose a lot of respect when I went to his concert in 2013, and he had videos of topless girls playing during one of his songs. It was so weird and unnecessary.

  2. Yeah I've been rolling my eyes at all the "it's gonna be may" memes of him. Ugh.


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