March 10, 2021

WIW Wednesday.

I went to Old Navy over the weekend. Mostly because I was annoyed that I had a full shopping cart on the website and the coupon code they were toting didn't work, so then I was stuck with no discount code. There was no reason why it shouldn't have worked. None. It wouldn't even say "could not be applied", which is what it always does if the items aren't applicable for that particular code. 

That's a high level of annoyance because I wasn't spending more than necessary and I wasn't wasting more time fiddling with it. I drove the 9 miles to Old Navy instead.

The downside was that the checkout line wrapped around the store, there are also no coupon codes there, and the selection isn't as wide. Colors and sizes for things I'd seen online just weren't available.

But I also didn't have to wait two weeks for a delivery. (Old Navy/Gap is shockingly slow.)

Anyway, I grabbed these cargo joggers for $20. They were half off so that seemed reasonable. 

There were some crazy wind gusts, so I made this quick.

I paired them with a Universal Thread tee from two years ago, and a StitchFix cardigan. The slip-on sneakers (Walmart, last fall) tied together the colors and gave me some pattern mixing which I love but I know others think can be weird. (I very intentionally pattern-mix on Wells too LOL)

I've noticed that many people I work with wear such pants with a decent-looking shirt, a pair of slip-on sneakers, and call it an outfit. 

Dress codes are incredibly relaxed this year; I mentioned last week that there is this fictional teacher holiday that is worshipped and celebrated in a way I'll never understand: jeans day.

Fridays are always jeans day for teachers, to begin with. Now it also seems to occur multiple days in a row, every other week or so. It's absolutely treated as a reward. To me, it's punishment because I look like the oddball, not in jeans. 

Anyway, the pants are a worthwhile $20 spent because they give me something that's not leggings and not jeans and not the skinny-pant style for warm days. 

We have had some extreme wind this week so they were more than helpful during the 40 minutes I spend standing outside at recess daily...they are true windbreaker material, guys. Like, windbreaker without the lining so they're not heavy. 

Speaking of recess and the midwest, I had to snap a picture last week when I realized I'd carried my heavy coat outside, switched it for my sweater, and carried my sweater through recess. 


  1. I think we both had pants on the brain today! Those are cute! I don’t think joggers are flattering on me but I would totally wear those if they did. I find ON sizing very inconsistent in pants. But, I haven’t tried any for awhile.

  2. I dont understand Old navy & their coupons & codes... always something in the small print.
    I can never find anything in their store -I always have better luck online - & they forever have those lines too. I really hate going in their store.

  3. Old navy coupons are the worst. I'm also regularly annoyed by the fact that the deals are ALWAYS different online than in-store. Last summer I bought about $100+ worth of stuff in-store. When I got home and happened to check online for something else, I noticed more than half of what I bought was MUCH cheaper (like 50%). I ordered it all online and returned everything to the store.

  4. Old Navy drives me crazy. I always have issues with their coupon codes and they always have different prices online than in the store. I quit shopping there because they have annoyed me enough for it all out of principal lol.

  5. I went into an Old Navy store today for the first time in probably three years- was not impressed. They only had about three different styles of bikinis, like why bother if three is your max? (Bikini looking on behalf of my daughters, not me.) At the school district where I sub, every day is jeans day this year(!) although most teachers wear something a little dressier most days except on Fridays. Fridays were historically (well, preCovid) jeans day and most teachers (and subs) wear jeans on Fridays.

  6. The jeans holiday comment cracked me up. I’ve always worn jeans whenever I wanted, regardless of the day. I dress them up with a cute top and boots and plus I work in the library, so I’m always crawling around on the floor shelving or pulling books. Once a few years ago, a colleague said-why do you get to wear jeans on days the rest of us don’t. Haha! I said I JUST DO. And her response was -well, I’m going to ask if I can do it too! Omg, I was like, don’t ask, you idiot! Admin has NEVER said anything btw. So, I continue on...NOT ASKING.

    1. That's what it was like in Alaska. You'd just randomly wear jeans and no one said a thing lol.


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