March 17, 2021

Homemade Iced Latte

This is the espresso machine we have. It's the Mueller brand and we use pods for it. Scott bought it last year to keep in his office. He used it for Americanos. He still does. I like making lattes and, with warmer weather, I've found myself making iced lattes lately. It's shockingly easy and they taste just like what you'd get at a coffee shop, to be honest. I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't something this professional. 

So, while we don't buy the actual Nespresso-brand pods and the machine isn't "Nespresso", I don't even know that Nespresso would be better. Scott did a lot of brand research and this is what he came up with. He also mentioned that when we get another single-serve brewer, it won't be Keurig, because our Keurig has let us down one too many times. So much so that we packed it away and pulled out the regular coffeepot. 

For this recipe, you basically just need one or two pods of brewed espresso, milk, and ice. 

A few tips for your homemade iced latte...

  • Shake, don't stir.
  • Use Lactaid milk. This is a weird idiosyncrasy we have: we like the taste of Lactaid so that's what we buy. We don't need it, we like it. It's sweeter and has more flavor. Wells drinks regular 2% but we buy Lactaid for us.  (this started years ago when Scott liked to give the dogs milk to drink but dogs can't have lactose so....)
  • Use any sweetener you want. I find that I don't like my iced coffee as sweet as I like my hot coffee. Anyone else? I just splash in a teaspoon or so of liquid creamer. 

Also, this is the year (THIS IS THE YEAR) I may perhaps perfect my iced coffee recipe. Maybe. I feel like I've said that multiple summers at this point. Last year and the year before, we took to buying jugs of Stok and, while tasty, that was not ideal. 

Finally, I tell this to anyone who will listen: Caffeine just like doesn't work on me anymore. Something about body chemistry changing once you have a baby. Some people have to switch to decaf. I had to up it to espresso. 

Even so, I drank that iced latte up there yesterday and took a nap 20 minutes later. Very abnormal, right?

For scale: this is a 16 oz tumbler. I fill with ice, put the shot(s) in, fill to the brim with milk, add a splash of creamer and shake. 


  1. You make me want to try Lactaid now.
    So how much do you put in yours? & do you use that creamer?
    I need to get an espresso machine.
    I'm the same way by not needing as much sweetner in iced coffee - which is weird.
    I drank a big ole cup of coffee Monday - & then took a nap right after. Some days it revs me up - others, it has zero effect.

  2. Ok, I’m ordering Lactaid. I have never heard of a Mueller. I’m still debating a new coffee system. I’ve gone back to old Keurig. The Costco k cups with my Dunkin creamer is the best I’ve found.


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