March 6, 2021

5 on Saturday (again)

I truly meant to post this yesterday morning, but I really didn't have time. It was half-written when I left for work and I only got on my computer last night to order Chinese food so...

I was thinking how giving recommendations is something I like to do and I love to get ideas from you. But, unfortunately, I'm all out of ideas...

  • Looking to squeeze in exercise? I do Pilates with one earbud in, one eye on my iPad, while we watch TV at night.
  • Need dinner help? I've been buying some freezer food to have on hand to eat with salads or roasted potatoes. 
  • Fun toddler ideas? The babysitter told me they made a construction paper/cotton ball rainbow that I recommended and had the supplies set out for...meaning she made the rainbow while Wells did whatever. He has no patience for such things. 
  • Need a cleaning schedule? I do 6 loads of laundry every weekend and sometimes I get half of it put away by Sunday night.
  • Want to get your toddler to sleep past 6am? Well it's 5:23am right now and mine just brought me the remote and told me he wanted to watch "baby tractor" instead of Blippi, so I've got nothing for you there. He's already on his second TV show of the day. (and I will take your recommendations on this one. please.)

See: rainbow
I DO recommend iced espresso/milk at 5pm. *i-don't-care shrug*

But here's 5 Things anyway:

1. My mom found our copy of And To Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street. A Dr. Seuss fan I am not, but now I'll be buying Wells the books to teach him to read (rhyming and repetition is what makes Dr. Seuss books so effective, fyi). I've never liked silly nonsense word rhymes and I don't love the illustration style...


If a book is banned, you need to read that book. I'm putting Fahrenheit 451 on my short list because many are saying that will be next. 

2.  Scout is going to the vet this weekend. He has some sort of behavioral issue when it comes to peeing in the house lately. It's what I call spite-peeing. But we're going to get him checked out, just in case. We think, personally, that Covid has done a number on him; he was used to us here 24/7, now we're not, and if Scott leaves without him, it's game over. His whole world has been up-ended more than once in the last year. 

To think: if this what Covid rules have done to a well-adjusted dog, picture what it's done to kids. 

3. I have no thoughts to share here on The Bachelor issues of late. It's just pointless to get into it. I feel, truly, like some people are predisposed to hate everything (see: Dr. Seuss) and joy is not allowed. 

4. We've been watching Ginny and Georgia on Netflix and I hate it (speaking of hate). I hate myself for watching it. I hate everything about it. But Georgia is so enthralling that I can't stop. I've been in a terrible mood this week and I think it's because of this show. It's just depressing to think that this is how teenagers live. Again, I hate it. But still, we watch...

5. Scott bought a bag of avocados at Costco last weekend. I've been stressing out every time I look at them, thinking how I need to use them but I'm not super in the avocado mood lately. I ate Mexican a few weeks ago, got sick (long story), and now I don't feel like making Mexican food. 

This is terrible. 

(I don't know why he grabbed a bag of avocados.)

We've used one of six and I need to do something with them today. RECOMMENDATIONS welcomed!


  1. Apparently you can scoop out the avocados and freeze!
    Ginny and Georgia should not be tv 14! My sister let her 13 year old watch and is now mortified.
    I talked to a senior girl about it and she does know think 15 you are that promiscuous.
    I don’t know what is going on with Bachelor but I want it to end. I need closure!

    1. It's also the constant drama. I can't even watch the scenes with Max.

    2. What did I even write? I meant to say that 15 yos are not that promiscuous.
      Max is annoying!
      The Ben Shapiro episode about Dr. Seuss and Meghan Markle made some good points.

  2. I just read Fahrenheit 451 last year. Its crazy how TRUE to live it is now. Crazier how books are BANNED. I cant wrap my mind around the offense in todays world

  3. I do hope you're buying the book to educate yourself and him as to why it might be considered bad or banned, and not just to spite your neighbor.

    This isn't about reducing joy, but to encourage the next generation to be more loving and accepting of people that are different than them.

    Dr. Suess himself went back and redid some the portrayals in some of his book, to make them more inclusive and less stereotypical, and my hope is that if the book you have purchased does include the original work, there is a discussion that "chinamen" aren't just limited to these certain stereotypes.

    1. Truly I'll be buying them because children's books that are no longer published are very valuable and they are a great way to teach kids *to* read, even if I don't like the repetition and the rhyme myself. They're an important piece of children's literature/history.

      I can't think of harm that may have been caused by this particular book (Mulberry St.). Children are naturally loving and accepting. Reading them Dr. Seuss books wouldn't make them less so.

  4. I started the Georgia show. It's been interesting


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