November 3, 2020

Amazon in October (buckle up)

No filter. 

This is embarrassing. Let's get to it. 

It's been that kind of month where I don't even remember what I ordered until I see it unpacked on the kitchen table when I get home and I'm like oh yeah, that. good, it came.

NO affiliate links. Just a recap from Oct. 1-31st of what I needed to get through the month :) Isn't it funny how Amazon is not about wants, but about needs? I never browse for fun. I just go there when I remember I need something. 

Minties, which are a monthly purchase. 

These disposable masks. They are the only ones I could wear when I had to wear my glasses to work. My Athleta masks were too heavy and fogged everything up. These are super light and thin. I forget I'm wearing one. 

Overalls for Wells' Halloween costume, which wasn't really much of a costume. But we're not really Halloween people, so it fits. 

The holy grail of pens. They are my favorites and I've been using them since 2013. 

This laptop bag. Kind of a disappointment, overall. This is why I generally don't buy things like this from Amazon. You never know what you're going to get. 

New dog collars. Our last set bit the dust when they got way too wet (water resistant is not waterproof and our dogs swim in them). We're trying to keep these ones dry now that summer is over. 

I really like these frames. I have three now, all in Wells' room. 

We're doing a lot of work with counting and number identification now, so I grabbed this counting puzzle

A potty chair and a potty book.

A new TV. LOLOLOL, right? This was an UNPLANNED purchase. I came home one day and Scott was like the TV broke, fyi. Like, it just stopped working while the sitter was trying to put a show on for Wells. I felt awful.  (It was about 7 years old and had been moved to approximately 4-5 different houses, criss-crossing the country, and had been randomly turning off for months now, so...)

Hand soap. This is my favorite brand. Very easy on the hands. 

Aerosol spray for shoes. I really like this stuff. 

My start to Christmas shopping: blocks for Wells. 

This matcha tea mix is amazing. We had gotten some at Walmart and I immediately started looking for more on Amazon, in a bigger package. A bit expensive, but a nice treat when we're not exactly going out for coffee/dinner. 

Mouse traps. Yaaaay. These are my #1 trap though: they kill immediately and mice can't get away. (We have them set up in the garage and in the basement.)

Cups for Wells. We are moving to regular cups for water. He's good at it but we only have two right now. 

Toddler water bottles (for outside, in the car, etc). I know they say straws are good and everything else is bad but Wells plays with straws. He can drink out of a straw just fine but I can't knowingly give him a "toy" for drinking. 

(If you can't tell, I'm really trying to move away from sippy cups and use them only for milk to prevent major spills and messes.)

Anywho. Those were things I needed to get through the month.

Do you use Amazon to buy fun stuff? I generally don't. It's just when I need something that would be a hassle to browse for and/or wait for and/or add to a shopping list.  


                                                        "Happy" Election Day to those in the U.S.


  1. I love those pens too!!! They are superior to all others. The mask fog up with glasses is the worst. I rarely go out anywhere to need to wear one, but when I do I am immediately like oh yeah, this is going to work with these glasses on lol.

  2. That Aniston / Kayne twitter feud. Just goes with 2020.

  3. Love those pens! I have a pen problem, I love them and I end up walking away with one if I like it when I use it, ha!

  4. Gracie has blocks that are very similar to those, and she has played with them so much.


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