October 2, 2020

Photo Catch-Up #3

Today seems like a good day to get all of this off of my phone. 

These, I believe, are out of order because of how Google allows me to upload them. So...

Terrible pic but he tried to take the dove decoys with him in the car.

This is "ifty" (Lifty) the forklift.

Our guest room is a nice empty space where I can relax. It's weird, wanting to have a space to just relax, right?

Sunset one night

Waiting for Scott to come home.

Still waiting.

Since these pictures are backwards, he actually moved farther down the driveway every time he thought he could get away with it. 

A duck.

These reusable sticker books are fun. ($4, Melissa and Doug)

...and a trip to Tractor Supply.


  1. That sunset is insane! Love it!

  2. A space to relax - TOTALLLLLY not weird. Mine always gets full of STUFF - I need to find a good spot that is ONLY for relaxing with a book & coffee & NOTHING ELSE goes around it.
    Your new phone takes the best pictures!


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