October 17, 2020

5 Friday Things. (now on Saturday)

 1. Kansas City Zoo.

It's such a great place. I highly, highly recommend. We keep going back. 

His first "restaurant" chicken tenders and fries.

2. I ordered a few things from Aerie. Their shipping rivals Amazon and far trumps Gap. These items arrived *early*, within 4 days. 

3. Our TV broke on Prime Day. I'm 99.999% sure this was a scam by Amazon to get us to order a new TV. Scott ordered so I don't even know what he got. We're gone through 3 TVs in 11 years and one of them still works. So not bad, considering we've criss-crossed the country 7 times now. Anyway, this Samsung was bought in 2014ish and had been acting funny (randomly shutting off) for months now. We knew it wouldn't last forever. 

4. I need a face serum. RECOMMENDATIONS???

5. I randomly ordered this tractor book for Wells last week. It's exactly him. My plan is to finish up his "tractor room" this weekend and we'll see if I can show you all next week. 3 bedrooms in 2 years for this kid, so I'm not putting a heck of a lot of money/time into it. 

This was supposed to post yesterday morning but I looked up at my computer clock and saw it was already 6:26am and I had a lot left to do in 34 minutes so ...and last night I was way too tired. 

Also, I have my first head cold of the school year. It's not a bad one, but definitely more than just allergies.

The best thing about being out of the house 5 days a week is knowing I can just sit here all weekend and not feel the least bit guilty about it. 

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  1. Your zoo looks fabulous! Aerie does have some pretty good shipping most of the time. What do you want a serum for? There are so many!


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