October 30, 2020

5 Friday Things for...

 1. If you need a laugh...We've had the same rice cooker for 12+ years. Scott bought it in college. For some reason, for the last year, I've been not able to make rice properly. It's either too dry or too wet. It can't be that hard to make rice, right? Last week, after another screw-up (using family-friendly language here), Scott made me watch this video

2. If you need to switch up your schedule... Doing grocery shopping on Fridays has made a HUGE difference in the quality of my Saturdays. A few times, I put in an order at Walmart on Thursday night and picked it up on Friday after school. Last week, I was done early on Friday, so I went to the local Kroger and grabbed what I needed for dinners and snacks for the next several days. There are actually little to few options for groceries, unless I want to drive 30 minutes, so I'm making it work. It's nice knowing I don't have to go to the store on Saturday though. 

Of course, this week, I was thrown off by a few things so I went to Walmart pickup on Tuesday and may go back out on Sunday. It always depends when we need milk.  My goal is almost always to leave the house as little as possible on the weekends. 

3. Democracy... I sent in our mail-in ballots yesterday. A little late but still postmarked before election day. The amount of time I have to spend researching Alaskan judges every two years (there's always like 20 on the ballot) is extreme. 

Notice how it says "absentee" and not "mail-in". There's a difference between the two. I wish I could just walk to my polling place the way my parents have always been able to. 
I had to make phone calls and request paperwork and send paperwork back in a timely manner in order to get this. 

4. If you're in a style rut...  try Stitchfix? 

There's all kinds of quizzes you can take within your account now, and it basically curates your picks. I got 4 of the exact same shirt (more or less) a few months ago and it made so much sense! Obviously, if I like one, I'll like them all. This one is cute: little suede elbow patches and the button detail. 

Car photo-bomb as usual. 

5. Remembering that this too shall pass. If you're feeling stressed out over the state of the country, remember that the news cycle currently has the attention span of a gnat. It's fine. And if you're depending on what you see on the tv screen to be your daily dose of information, you're bound to be depressed. Their job (like, what keeps them employed) is keeping you depressed. 


  1. I definitely do not get any of my actual information from the main news channels anymore. They are such a joke. I swear any given day it sounds like the world is about to end. Its maddening. I have always loved the idea of Stitchfix but never enough to actually do it. I miss shopping in stores without a care in the world. So much.

    1. Ugh. This is definitely harder on some more than others. I don't like browsing, so it doesn't bother me in that sense. I'm plenty bothered in other ways though :)

  2. I want to do stitch fix someday, but I cannot get past their prices. I almost never spend money on my own clothes, though.

  3. when I drove into work, i always did my grocery pick up on Friday - I always loved having it done for the weekend & the week ahead. Plus, if I forgot something, I had 2 days to go pick it up.
    I keep telling Ricky that same thing... it will all be over soon... & then we'll find the next CHAOS to focus on the news :)

  4. Rappers are now Republicans! Lol!
    Thanks for the spice making tips!
    Maybe I will treat myself to a Stitch Fix? Thanks for updating onthe service by its been so long for me!

    1. You seem to love shopping though! I don't like the experience of it (I find it overwhelming) so having someone else choose the clothes is a much better fit.


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