September 11, 2020

4 Friday Things

1. Can anyone tell me what is so great about Olive and June nail polish? Seriously. Tell me. I spent some time deep-diving but can't discover anything aside from what I had already assumed (that it's just making the IG rounds). 

2.  I need a good recommendation for a "toy organizer". This could be a shelf, a box, whatever. I need something to put in Wells' room. Space isn't an issue...he has a big room...but I don't want to spend a ton and I don't want to buy something that's cheaply constructed. What do you use? I don't even want to organize them; I want to stuff them into something where I don't have to see them, so I'm leaning toward a regular toy box. 

This is the image you get if you google "toy organization" so *overwhelmed* is how I feel:

3. We've been watching the show Red Oaks on Amazon. I recommend it. It's pretty funny. The cast of characters is interesting. It's about a country club in New Jersey in the 1980s.

(fun fact: I avoided it for years despite always seeing the promo because I don't like this promo looks nothing like the actual characters/show)

 4. It's September 11th. 

I took this last year in Shanksville. It was my first visit there, even though I grew up about 2 hours away from the crash site. If you are local to PA, I recommend a trip there. 

I made it a point to talk to my students about 9/11 every year. At first some of them had been born around September 2001. Then it became so far removed, like it was a true history lesson for them. That's why we have to keep talking about it. 


  1. I recommend to everyone "The Only Plane in the Sky. An Oral History of 9-11" It. is. INCREDIBLE.

  2. I have seen so many people share links for Olive and June nail polish. I read some real reviews from non-influencers, and the consensus is that it sucks! So many people said it didn't last past a day, the formula was terrible and on and on. I haven't tried it myself, but $8 is a lot for a polish that I would rather spend on one I KNOW works. You know?

    1. You're sending me down a rabbit hole of looking for reviews :)

  3. Well I slack in the nail polish department. I did a photo shoot for my boot camp the other day and we took our shoes off for a shot and well I was the only one with no toe polish...not to mention white as a ghost!! hahaha


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