August 7, 2020

Five Friday Things.

1. Wells has been really fighting bedtime lately. He'll try to get up 2-3 times within the first hour after I plop him in his crib, before he finally falls asleep. We always read three books, brush teeth, and he gets a bit of water in his crib to sip before he goes to sleep. Once in a while, he starts screaming "tuck! tuck!" because he gets stuck in his crib slats because he's in there playing and thrashing around. Sigh.

Anyway, the other night, he was yelling for me and I went in there at 8:30pm and he was clingy and wanted out. Sometimes I get him out, just to see where he goes and that clues me into what he wants. He walked straight over to this:

...which he has never shown an ounce of interest in before, and handed it to me. 

I couldn't turn that down. So I read him the first 10 or so pages and he did listen and then I said we had to go to bed. Usually he just wants to flip pages so we don't exactly do books with a lot of words. 

2. Scout had a little limp the other day. He twisted his leg about two months ago (another dog grabbed him) and he hobbled for 2-3 days and then was fine. For the last week, he's had a bit of a limp and then, after our morning walk-and-swim, it was a lot worse on Wednesday. So I skipped the evening walk-and-swim and he was thoroughly annoyed at me. But by Thursday morning, he was a bit better. 

Jett literally will not leave my side. Ever. 
We joke but it's a hazard. We trip over him all the time. 

3. My mirror BROKE in transit to Kansas. $50 in Wasilla, 8 years ago. The glass is fine. The frame cracked in four places. 

4. If you really believe Covid has no political affiliation, go listen to the first 15 minutes of Ben Shapiro's podcast from Wednesday. He goes over new studies/facts/data/etc, and it's encouraging news. 

5. Our tractor has arrived. Which I guess means we're really in Kansas now. 


  1. I gotta head to the bank in a minute - I'm gonna pull up that podcast

  2. Oh I believe its political and it'll be interesting in November...


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