July 20, 2020

Summer Weekend #8

Whoa. Talk about boring.

We didn't do much. 

We were under a heat advisory all weekend. This didn't mean much for us, but it did just mean that the weather wasn't pleasant. Mostly we played outside in 15 minute snippets and walked the dogs early in the morning. 

I wanted a few things from HomeGoods but they don't open til 11 on Sundays? I wasn't waiting it out in the humidity with a 2 year old.

So he ran around the outlet mall for a bit and then we went home. Oh well. We'll try again this week. 

You'd think I'd have gotten a picture of his face, but he doesn't stop long enough for that to happen. 

Otherwise, I tried to read, unpack a little more, and I did spend way too much time on social media. 

We also picked up a Walmart grocery order because I'm tired of pushing Wells around the store and avoiding the toys or anything that looks like a truck/tractor/car. We FaceTimed with Scott for a bit here and there and I also talked to a friend in Alaska on the phone, which isn't something I do nearly enough. 

Currently, I'm reading Oona Out of Order and Eight Perfect Murders. Which is better? I'm not super far into either and I'm not impressed yet. 

No filter. 
Wells helped me give the dogs a bath on Friday (he handed them treats so they willingly stayed in the tub) and they sure are gorgeous when they're extra clean. 

And this is a "clean" picture. He went a little nuts in the mud puddles yesterday. 


  1. It is hard to avoid toys and fun stuff in stores. It is one nice thing about the grocery pick up I have been doing since all this started lol.

  2. what a nice porch!!! A good place to get out - when the air feels like real air & not this humid soup.
    LOL - nope - no pictures of face when GO GO GO is the speed

  3. My daughter and I went to the same outlet mall on a weekday, thinking things opened earlier than 10, nope, we had to wander around for a while and just gave up on some stores.

  4. Your new town looks so cute! Are you enjoying KS more than PA?

  5. Doesn't open until 11? Are those Covid hours or regular hours? That seems really late to be opening. And it's crazy to me how different summers are different places in the US. We had our hottest day so far this past weekend! It was 75! lol And, now we are back into the 60s. A little too chilly if you ask me.


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