July 9, 2020

5 Random Stuff and Things.

1. I may need to adjust my routines. I am hopelessly behind on my Bible reading (12 days I think? Kings/Chronicles is doing me in.) and I haven't gotten in a good Pilates workout at night all week. I think I need to start doing these things during naptime...instead of reading and then napping myself. I've let myself stay up too late at night and I am so exhausted by the time I get around to wanting to do anything productive. It's just not working. 

2. We got these K-Cups and they're really gross. Don't do it. They're very bitter. 

3. Speaking of gross...La Croix is gross. I used to drink it and I have no idea why. Scott bought some the other day and it's remarkably terrible. 

4. I was unpacking my books this week and came across 1984. Some of you all need to read this. Like, you never did and it shows. I read it in college but I read Animal Farm in high school and you all should pick up a copy of that one too. You could read it in an hour. 

But then, I also realized that Scott and I each have a copy of The Great Gatsby, which is just the worst. It's funny how that's required reading in high school and 1984 is not. No one cares about Gatsby. And all you all who insist it's your favorite book? Just because you had to read it and listen to your 11th grade English teacher talk about it, doesn't mean it's your favorite. The only thing worse than Gatsby is A Separate Peace. 

5. I hopped back on Facebook this week, mainly because I told myself that once we left Pittsburgh and I could leave all of the Mom groups I was in, I could maybe find some sort of enjoyment out of the site again... this is still undecided. I haven't been on there since February. 
Man, people are boring and attention-seeking. 

Bonus #6: I almost posted some political tidbits here today. Would you be interested in that? I'm really worried about our country and Scott and I discuss at least once a day "what-do-you-think-is-going-to-happen". I feel like the MSM cannot be trusted and I would happily throw some actual facts and data into this space! I feel like talking politics doesn't age well, but it's becoming so relevant to everyone and I would think that maybe (maybe) I could help someone who doesn't pay much attention to it all understand a little. 
What would you be interested in hearing about? I dabble in a bit of everything on Twitter. 

(Also, I've been messing around with fonts on blog posts, to make it more eye-pleasing. I think I'll just keep it to the usual that I used here in this post.)


  1. We had to read 1984 in HS. Gatsby too. I didn't love either, frankly. We also read The Handmaids Tale which in retrospect was pretty controversial for 9th grade ... ?!

  2. Ricky & I have that same conversation every night too.
    I saw that Starbucks has a new vitamin infused coffee - that just made me laugh.
    Bored & Attention seeking - that made me laugh

  3. (Only because you asked) I'll tell you that I prefer when you don't post about politics. Though on topic as a military wife/mother, I'm curious to know your opinion about the Russian bounties for dead American soldiers. After all the challenging days of Scott's deployment, I can't imagine the outrage you must feel knowing US soldiers were targets for a dollar value. :( Personally, I think, it should not go unanswered.

    1. The idea of Russian bounties on Americans is horrifying but also totally and completely believable. I think that there is a LOT of this going on in the world, especially targeting Americans, that we don't see.

  4. Ugh the mom groups on facebook can be the worst sometimes. I have thought more about politics this year than I have my whole life. I feel like there is a lot of bad information out there, and that facts are good. Because people tend to believe whatever they read without doing actual research. I have learned a lot about things that people are pushing right now, and I think if they actually did some research, they wouldn't be so supportive. I hate election year. And I hate this unease about our future. Also, I hate most La Croix. I really only like the Lemoncello and Key Lime Pie.

  5. I only use my blog page on Facebook. It's been 3 years and I don't miss it one bit. However, I have an Instagram addiction now.

  6. I stay up too late too and always regret. Now, I'm talking... 11 - 12 which I know isn't that late but is late for me. The only reason I stay up late is because night time is the ONLY time I have for me! The rest of the day is work and kids.

    I'd be interested in hearing some political stuff. I believe we have similar beliefs, but I don't follow politics all that much.


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