June 26, 2020

5 Friday Things

If you saw on Instagram, I gave myself permission ("permission") to just take the week off from the blog. I rarely do this, but next week is looking scant as well. Things are busy, to put it mildly, so I'll just catch up when I catch up. I never take time off when we PCS, but Wells has been sick this week and I've also never PCSed with a toddler, so...here we are. 

I DO want to share these recommendations before I forget about them. 

1. This eye cream.

I found this in my mom's medicine cabinet. I saw "Energie", couldn't read the rest of the instructions or details because it was in French, Googled it real quick, asked if I could try it, and she gave it to me. It's a sample size and she got it with a purchase but never used it. I love it. I may have to buy a new one when it's gone. 

I own an embarrassing number of blush-colored phone cases. My coping mechanism for stress is, apparently, buying a new phone case. This came yesterday and it's fabulous. Highly recommend.Very soft and very sturdy at the same time. 

3. Two books I'm all-in on but I'm not done yet because I don't have the time to sit and read for long stretches. A Good Marriage is a legal thriller and Final Girls is a fast-paced horror mystery. 

4. This face wash. I don't like VaniCream lotions but this facewash is wonderful. No scent at all, convenient pump...perfect for sensitive skin. 

5.  This tutorial on how to make a naked cake. I did it for the second time last weekend and I had an issue with frosting texture but the method works. 

I still need to post the pictures from last weekend's birthday party but I figure since he's not going to be two for two more weeks, I can put that off. So much for keeping up with the summer weekends. 

(I had the worst time finding a "shrug" gif. Everyone out there is a racist now according to this new, current cultural standard, so might as well post a pic of an actual Nazi, right? Don't want to post someone who may be canceled for being a racist tomorrow. 
Truthfully, this is just one of my very favorite movies.)


  1. Need to check out the eye cream. I haven't found one that I absolutely love yet and I have tried like 20. They are expensive to not like them, you know? The cake looks so good!

  2. Kudos on the cake, I don't know if I have the patience to do make that, ha!

  3. LOL at your GIF comment.
    I just had to get a new phone case & its also blush :)

  4. Oh I loved Final Girls! So, so good. Also, I love blush and rose gold. My phone case and Kindle case are both rose gold.


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