May 19, 2020

Wells lately.

I meant to get around to this yesterday, but the truth is that if I don't have a post set for Mondays before the weekend, I will rarely have anything ready for a Monday. We weren't home this weekend and the last thing I wanted to do after driving and unpacking and driving and unpacking and cleaning up vomit...was sit down on Sunday night and write a blog post. Also, I have kind of refused to do "week #..." round-ups at this point. This is what you normally would've seen in those. 

Wells turned 22 months last week and this is a random sampling of pictures lately. 

If you're going to get a water table, I highly recommend waiting until your kid is closer to 2, though it does make a perfect first birthday gift if you have a summer baby. 
Last year's experience was a disaster. 

I gave him his snack outside instead of inside and he carried it as far away as possible and sat down. 

So he could share with the dogs. 

He thought me putting these in the cart at the store meant that he could eat them in the cart. He was not a happy camper, but I gave him a few when we got to the car. 

Scott was doing construction work over the weekend and the dogs would not stay in the house. They insisted on sitting in the truck for hours and hours at a time. They wouldn't budge. Because they knew Scott wouldn't leave without them if they stayed in the truck. 

Hoarding the chalk.

Soccer with a basketball.

He found these "tractors" and was so excited.

A carseat-less, Wells-less errand that I ran. You see, For the second time this month, he threw up 2+ times on a car trip. Meaning, I took the carseat apart 2 times this month and it was sitting out to dry at this point...I'm not sure where to go from here. 

Bothering Scout any way he can.

Much like we did as children, Wells has a thing for lawn mowers (oh, sorry, "tractors")...we used to sit on the ones in my grandparents' shop and pretend to drive them. 

Push mowers are his comfort zone because that's what we have here at the rental in Pittsburgh. 

(I think we have a 2nd birthday theme in mind, if you haven't figured it out.)


  1. While I knot this post was about Wells, your dogs are smart! Ha

  2. Gracie got SO carsick when she was that age. When we drove for more than a few hours, we had to start giving her Zofran or Dramamine to keep her from constantly puking. It helped a lot when we could turn her car seat around.

  3. Is he still rear-facing? I have heard a lot of kids get car sick when they rear-face as they get older. We just turned Zoe around a few months ago. The water table is seriously the best thing ever for summer!

  4. Its just the thing to do - ride the lawnmower with gramps/dads.
    I love he went alone to give the dogs treats. He knows who his friends are :)

  5. I love him laying with the dog... so sweet. Also, HE LOOKS SO OLD!!! Ahhh!!

  6. He is getting so big! I bet it's so fun to watch him experience things for the first time!

  7. Awwww, about the tractor mowers. Honestly, getting Cyrus out riding tractors with my family and mowing every family members' lawn with Angel on the riding mower was one of the things I was really excited about with this summer. I was not made for apartment life, and I realize that ever more with an active little boy!


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