May 27, 2020

Dogs, tractors, ducks

A special thank you to Scott's brother's family for hanging onto our tractor for us while we're in Pittsburgh. I mentioned on Instagram that I have no idea where Wells' obsession with tractors came from but he's lucky in that we have one...

In fact, I always tell Scott that Wells likes him better than me (because he does) and Scott says that's because he has a tractor. I said But he doesn't know you have a tractor. 
Then I said Oh, he just knows you're the type of person to have a tractor and he's attracted to that. 

Jett lying under a tree which had no leaves and therefore no shade.

Scout rolled in a mud puddle and then jumped on us. 

Then...they discovered the pond. 

I'm aware that we need to get this kid ear protection if we're doing things like this often...we're not really...And I'm 99% sure this is not recommended in the owner's manual anyway. 



  1. Cracking up that the dogs are getting up there too... cant be left out!!!

  2. He is too cute on that tractor! How fun that you guys have one and he can live his best life on it lol.

  3. He's a guy...the tractor thing is kind of a duh ;)

  4. "He know you're the type of person to have a tractor"....LOL, how true! Cute pics!

  5. WOW, where did you get to ride that huge tractor? SO cool. Love that the puppers is going along for a ride.


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