May 6, 2020

Currently in May(?)

It's May now, right?


This is not what I expected to be doing or thinking about during the first week in May. I won't get into the weeds and details but I fully expected to be in full military-move prep by this point and...I'm not.

But this blog is for the good and the bad and the indifferent. So here we are.

Making... a few weeks ago, I made this vegetarian pot pie. It was so good! I actually used chicken bone broth and a homemade pie crust I had in the freezer. It was not rolling out the way it should, as pie crust is not my speciality, so I just kind of crumbled it over the top and it was like dumplings. No picture because it wasn't pretty, but it sure was tasty. 

Missing... Having our own house/land/property. I've been grappling with this a lot lately. It's, like, a whole big thing ... << to put it in really eloquent terms. I see everyone talk about missing "normal". I lost my "normal" when we moved to the east coast at the end of 2018. I'd been settled in out west for 4+ years. There was a lot that was hard about those years. A LOT. But my normal was very different from the "normal" we had to grow accustomed to here. So however all y'all feel about losing your "normal"right now, that's how I felt a year ago. It's a deep subject, I know. 

Learning... that Scout really will go to any lengths within his doggy power to get close to Scott. He climbed out on a roof the other day.

It's like overly-attached girlfriend and the thirstiest influencer rolled into one.

Loving... the ease of online shopping? That's a thing right? Also, I love that Wells is getting more independent. And I like that I can color my own hair, but I would love for someone to thin it out for me. I don't know that it needs to be trimmed, but it needs some layers. 

And, truly, it's the funny things on Twitter that make the days do-able right now:

This guy was a Marine and his favorite past-time is usually making fun of the Air Force. I see he's not limiting himself now, though.

Reading... Right now, I'm reading The Red Tent. I saw it as a Kindle daily deal and remembered hearing about it from a few different sources, so I grabbed it. Since I'd also just finished reading Genesis a few months ago, it seemed like a good fit to dive into, even if the creative license was the author's. It's actually really hard to put down. 

Over the weekend, I finished Lisa Jewell's Invisible Girl, which is available for request on Netgalley!


  1. I read The Red Tent years ago & remembering really enjoying it.

  2. I cannot believe your dog got on the roof!! Hopefully he listening to commands and STAYed. I don't think mine would listen! Are you enjoying The Red Tent? I haven't read it, but I gave it as gift once!

  3. I usually love Lisa Jewell! Will have to see if I can snag this one on net galley. Thanks :) #currently
    Melanie -

  4. I loved The Red Tent! Such a great book.

    And your dog! Lol. That is hilarious. And he is adorable!

  5. Ah, it's hard not being the places/doing the things we would have expected. I do appreciate having a blog as a place for record-keeping and processing and community commiserating though, so hopefully it was helpful to write a post :) And your dog photo cracked me up!!

    Hang in there.

  6. I'm slowing learning the kindle. Its okay, ha! I can't do it on my phone too much though, gives me a headache.

    Your dog is quite brave!

  7. Oh my god, your doctor on the roof is hilarious - and kind of adorable!!! I'm a little addicted to online shopping at the moment too. lol I'd say it's a problem BUT I'm not buying things just for myself, so you know, it's not all selfish. ;)


  8. I can hard relate on the moving. We just moved twice in two years, and it was just not okay. We will get through, and things will get better, but yes, it is so hard.

  9. Scout on the roof... AHAHAHA! My mom's cat did that once.


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