April 9, 2020

Week 4.

I don't remember dates of when we started social-distancing because we were sick the week before everything started being canceled/shut down so we had a bonus week in there.

But these photos are from the last week, which I have creatively named Week 4. Which means I think we've been at this for 5 weeks now, give or take a few days.

Empty parking lots are the bright side to all of this. 

Giving him some actual tools is something that provides much amusement. 

He calls the lawnmower a "trat-tor". 
Here, he was distracted from the "trat-tor" by an airplane. Since we live near an airport, there's always something flying over. 

We have had more than one meltdown over this water bottle. He wants to put it together by himself. Then he ends up soaked and the floor is a mess. 

The roof saga was on IG stories over the weekend. Dogs trying to follow Scott into the attic. 

Roasted gnocchi and zucchini with sausage/toasted garlic and marinara.

Scott made this: shredded yellow potatoes, eggs, shredded cheese. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and Montreal steak seasoning. Baked at 350 for 30 minutes and then put under the broiler. 

More "trat-tor". He got very upset when I put it back in the shed. 
So we had to say "good night" and "bye" to the lawnmower in a very ceremonial way. 

Mulching around the perennials. We have three of these plants at this rental, and they're fascinating to me. I don't even know what they are. I'm terrible at plants. Worse than most people, to be honest. 

Okay, this is borderline embarrassing:
We are using this time with Scott being around more to grill meat we find in our deep-freeze. Some of it has been in there since Colorado/Wyoming and definitely moved across the country with us (lots of wild game). 
These were two slightly freezer-burnt t-bone steaks that, judging by the date, we bought on sale almost two years ago. 
In a perfect storm of having run out of dry dog food on Tuesday and Wednesday, Jett and Scout split a steak with some brown rice for dinner. 
Don't @ me. 

We also grilled chicken and salmon.
Chicken should only ever be grilled, bone in, skin on. All other chicken is inferior. 

And THANK THE LORD for toddlers. The idea that he can play outside with Scott while I vacuum and clean up the kitchen without him trailing behind me, making a bigger mess, means that I am starting to get my footing back in general. 
Moderate independence is a wonderful thing. 

I do have to say this was the most boring and probably the hardest week in that sense. I appreciated the nice weather because we were able to get out and do yard work. Even if it's not our property, doing some sort of yard work in the spring always makes me feel accomplished. 


  1. I love that straw on the cup for a toddler!!! Heck, I need one of those.
    mmm... I'm craving some gnocchi

  2. That looked like a Flintstone steak! You moved your meat! Wells is at such a fun age and being able to go outside is amazing! I’m sure he constantly wants to be outside. Hope you are doing better!


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