April 6, 2020

(Leftover) Quesadillas

I'm going to do that annoying thing where a story precedes a recipe.

We're quarantined. We have time.

Scout the Dog is on a diet. This happens a few times a year, even when he was getting a mile or two through the fields each day in Colorado. He just tends to hold weight in a weird way. He gets so much human food from Wells...it's adding up.

So we skewered and grilled some NY strip steaks last week. I use this marinade, always, when preparing steak. Right before we put them on the grill, we sprinkled them with some Montreal steak seasoning. They were ah-mazing.

But the dogs also got their own skewer of plain steak tidbits, because they are ridiculously spoiled.

So don't feel too bad for Scout. He's permanently angry at me for "starving" him. And last night he took off across the front yard where Scott was spreading mulch, I grabbed him to haul him back in the house (slippers on and all) and we did the usual dance of him growling and pawing at me and me saying "go ahead, bite me, I dare you. seriously, do it". Scout kept growling and I kept lecturing him saying things like "I rocked you to sleep as a puppy...go ahead, bite me and you'll be in the basement for the night...you don't know how good you have it". (I hope Wells took notes.)

But anyway. Scout knows I love him because I make him steak and salmon quite often. We never grill meat without setting aside some for Scout and Jett.

The point of this recipe is that it's perfect for repurposing leftovers. Which is ideal for being stuck in the house all of the time and relying on what you have in the pantry.

I grilled some peppers and diced up the leftover steak and made quesadillas.

I squirted a bit of lime juice on the top and then served queso on the side. (I have a hoarded supply of queso in the pantry but that's a story for another blog post.)

Are you finding ways to repurpose your leftovers? I see many people talking about oddly enjoying the slower pace of life and this is part of it. I admit that I don't hate this side of quarantining. It's rewarding to become less wasteful. 


  1. This looks delicious. We do a lot of quesadillas in this house, too!

  2. I almost got some tortillas yesterday at the store & wish I did . Dang it!


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