March 9, 2020

I'm feeling particularly grateful for...

...springing the clocks ahead an hour. Like magic, Wells woke up one hour later yesterday. MAGIC. Of course, he was back to his regular time today. But when you're used to sleep being manipulated by a baby or toddler and having no rhythm to the torture of it, moving clocks around on a whim is no big deal. I welcome the change for everyone else to feel just as out of sorts.

...Daniel Tiger.

...Walmart grocery pick-up. parents coming to visit and bringing Wells some springtime clothes. My mom is much better at picking out his clothes than I am. She was like that when I was a kid too. I always preferred her to pick out my clothes. with unreasonable amounts of creamer.

...that I'm not terrified of coronavirus because I refuse to watch the news. I saw this on Twitter and sent it straight to my friend and we had a good laugh.


  1. That tweet with the tattoo pic - hilarious!!!
    My coffee always has to have ridiculous unnecessary amounts of creamer!!!

  2. umm... did my comment post? That was weird - it just blinked.

  3. It's in stl now and the world is ending. Nice knowing you 😉

  4. I saw that meme recently and lost it. My parents are FREAKING OUT about Coronavirus. My dad has been stocking up on staples even though they already have a doomsday stockpile. Meanwhile....I don't care.


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