March 20, 2020

3 Things You Should Do Today.

(Or tomorrow. You got time.)

1. This barre workout. 25 minutes. You don't need any equipment. I did it last night as soon as Wells went to bed.

2. Download this ebook "boxset". 99 cents for 3 books plus a novella! I lovedlovedloved this series. I normally kinda hate rom-coms but these were unputdownable. I listened to them on audio back in 2016. The only rom-coms I, quite honestly, would ever call must-reads.

3. Watch Little Fires Everywhere. It's on Hulu and a must-watch if you liked the book. I enjoyed the book, but didn't love it. I liked Celeste Ng's first book better. But I really love the casting choices for the series. Vox gave it a bad review, I just noticed in my Google search, but Vox hates everything, so there's that.

Happy weekend. I may try to brave a quick trip to Walmart today?


  1. How was walmart the other day? I went to the grocery store right by us instead of my usual aldi's and ended up paying $7 for grapes. I missed aldi big time but I'm trying to play safe. May attempt it next weekend.

  2. So I'm obvs really behind on blog reading and commenting, but I really need to try Little Fires Everywhere! I feel like I should read the book first though?!


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