February 13, 2020

Stuff and Things. 2/13

Eating crackers, not donuts like some of the other kids (if you saw my IG story LOL).

+Totally dropped the ball yesterday but I always feel a bit of a blog hangover after SUYB day. I still have many tabs open in my browser and I've been updating Goodreads and my library holds at the same time.

+I've been obsessing over weird things this week (cleaning the cupboards out?) and it's been rainy and gross outside and I have nowhere to go, really. So I haven't been getting dressed other than new pjs after I shower. Therefore, no outfits to post yesterday.

+I finally scheduled an eye appointment for next week and Scott is practically threatening me with LASIK, so I may ask about that. He thinks it's ridiculous that I haven't had it done yet. I know you need to wear your glasses for 30 days beforehand, so I need to get a pair of glasses first. Which seems like a wasted step. But anyway. I had to call about 5 places, none taking Tricare, and then I finally called Tricare again and asked for a list of in-network optometrists. There aren't many in Pittsburgh.
In Colorado Springs, there was a giant sign in front of ABBA Eyecare next to my school that said "WE TAKE TRICARE!". Here, no one has heard of it.

Anyway. Next week. It took me 6 weeks to cross this off of my to-do list.

+I meant to share: my parents came to visit over the weekend and Wells was able to play outside because that's what my dad likes to do with him. Thank goodness. I'm not an outside person. I finished a book.

+I made this soup for dinner last night. I did not like it. Scott loved it. Wells liked it a lot and ate a bunch of noodles. It was too spicy without flavor to me. Though, I changed a few things: I didn't have Thai curry paste (probably the issue) and I didn't use coconut sugar (I used pure maple syrup).
Make this curry bowl I posted last week instead!

+My frustration is coming to a head concerning the buy/sell/trade mom groups on Facebook. I can't delete them because I like having an avenue to selling items.  I've HIDDEN these groups from my timeline and they keep coming back. My comments are in blue below.

This is my issue:

Target has them for 30-50% off. I'm sure Walmart is much the same. 

Again, if you really just want a pair of shoes, just like shoes, go to Walmart. If I just randomly needed a pair of shoes for Wells, I would just pop into the shoe aisle during a grocery trip and...pay $10 for a pair of shoes. 

And this one. COME ON. 
I bought Wells a $16 snowsuit at Walmart. He's worn it about a dozen times and it's still big so it'll last the winter.
You would pay more from someone who is selling a really nice one. 
I just can't. 

+To accompany my meal-plan post from Monday, I made our monthly pilgrimage to Costco this week:

+And this is how we watched The Bachelor on Tuesday:

Worst mother ever? 

Thoughts on this week coming tomorrow!


  1. Borrow a snowsuit. Geez people... that's just lazy
    Are you going to do the Lasik? I'm scared to death to do it - I just know my luck on medical things. I do need to schedule my appointment though to see how much more worse my eyes are.

  2. Aww, he's so cute with his little snowman. We haven't had any snow at all!

  3. So years ago, I started looking into LASIK. I went to the initial appointments and had started saving up money to get it done. Then... I met Jerry, and used the money for our wedding instead, and that was the end of my LASIK dreams. I wonder if my insurance would cover it now... hmm... I should start investigating.


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