February 20, 2020

President's Day Weekend in Pgh

This weekend, we had friends come visit us from Denver. We had a really great time. I was a little nervous because February in Pennsylvania is always iffy and the best word I can use to describe February in Pittsburgh is "special". I had no idea what type of weather we'd have. Luckily, aside from a few sprinkles on Sunday, it was fine.

The interesting part about Pittsburgh is that we haven't done a whole lot here, tourism-wise. I consider it to be "home" and don't really see it as a place to explore. Usually, before we have guests while at any given army duty station, we have already vetted out the attractions on our own. This weekend, everything we did, I'd never done before. So it was like a mini-vacay for everyone!

We started on Saturday night at the Duquesne Incline.

After that, we went downtown to eat at the Market Square Primanti Bros. Wells had to go outside to run around, and Scott said he face-planted almost immediately. We'd been to Primanti Bros. a few times, but never this location.

Battle wound.

On Sunday, we had Penguins tickets. Wells' first NHL game and they won and I think the game was actually sold out. Also, he had to go do some running around twice during the game. Which was better than we expected it to go!

After the game, we went in search of a place to eat and ended up at Sienna Mercato. Basically, they specialize in meatballs and it was the best mac and cheese I'd ever had. Wells colored and then Scott left early with him for the walk back to the car because, again, he couldn't sit still that long. He was a trooper on that day.

I feel like we've bypassed "stroller". He hates it. We don't even take it anywhere with us anymore. It stays in the garage for dog walks only. 

On Monday, we went to Phipps Conservatory, where Wells was enamored with the trains. After, we stopped at Industry Public House on our way to the airport.

He threw a toddler fit when I pulled him away from the goldfish. Remedied only by Scott and then Wells wanted nothing to do with me. 

They had a kids' room with pretend shopping and he and a little girl played for a very long time. 

I'm really glad I got to play tourist for a weekend. These are all Pittsburgh things we haven't done yet and probably won't get to do again. We're so glad Kasey and Jeff were able to come see us and we can't wait to see them again this summer. There's really no friends like the friends you make because of the military.


  1. I dont think I've ever done the tourist things in Louisville & been here all my life :) LOL
    That battle wound... at least he looks adorable
    MMM... give me any place that has the best mac & cheese around!

  2. I’m from a small town, but a President came from here so there are some museums and such that I have never gone to. I don’t know why! I just....don’t feel like it.

  3. I've done all that when we came for the pens game. I suggest you check put the st Pat's parade. It was the weekend we were there and everyone was like you have to go. It was fun & kid friendly and is apparently the largest in the US.


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