February 28, 2020

4 Favorites and Pilot Pete

1. We had a mouse in the kitchen a few weeks ago. We saw evidence of this and bought some traps. The "favorite" is that it's gone now, by the way.

We set them on a Thursday night. The next morning, at 5:45am, Scott was on the couch with Wells and he heard a trap snap and then it was being dragged across the kitchen floor by a mouse. The mouse's leg was caught.

The dogs. stayed. asleep. on. the. couch. They didn't even notice.

So Scott carried Wells out to the kitchen and Jett followed and then Scott let Jett suffocate the mouse with his paw while Wells looked on, laughing.

This is what happens when I stay in bed and Scott gets up with Wells.

I bring all this up to point out that, when we first moved into the Colorado house, on the prairie we had a mouse issue. Scout and Jett alerted us multiple times a night if they even sensed a mouse. It was reassuring to know they were on guard and willing to hunt. Here, they are not earning their keep at all.
2. This candle came as a gift from CO and smells amazing.

2. Love is Blind is the most delicious trash TV. If you have any proclivity at all toward reality TV, binge it ASAP.

4. I made this Cheesy Vegetable Chowder for dinner last night. Very easy, and very good. I used bone broth. I also omitted the cheese and made cheesy biscuits instead. I'm struggling with meal-planning right now and need some new ideas (especially because I've been hungry for very little after being sick last week...we had pancakes for dinner on Wednesday, for example).

Please send any quick dinners my way!

5. I don't have anything to say about Pilot Pete that hasn't already been said. I like Madi and respect her. I appreciate that she's sticking to what she believes and the cries of "she knew what she was signing up for" are a bit overkill. Rarely, I think, do contestants expect to make it this far and feel the way they do about the lead.
Sure, she knew. And Peter more or less assumed he had a get out of jail free card simply because fAnTaSy SuItEs. I really do hope she left for good because she does deserve better. If he chooses Hannah Ann, good for her and him.
When I saw Hannah Ann and Victoria standing there, waiting for him at the rose ceremony in the promo for next week, I couldn't help but think "huh, it must be windy, cold, and lonely standing there without any convictions or morals to keep you warm while your boyfriend pines over someone who took a stand for what she believes in".
I maintain, and will continue to believe, that he only kept those two around for fantasy suite week. They weren't exactly moving targets when it came to playing hard to get.

A really good, middle of the road, mostly unbiased recap podcast is Rosecast, if you haven't already checked it out! Bachelor Party and Here to Make Friends are great but they're hate-listen territory for me.



  1. So many people are talking about Love is Blind this week! I’ll have to see what it’s about.

  2. I keep seeing Love is Blind pop up on Netflix, but wasn't sure I wanted to dive in. Now you've totally convinced me. I am pleasantly surprised to see Madi sticking up for herself. Loved the line that she shouldn't feel bad about what she believes in.

  3. Yep... I had the similiar thought about the 'ladies' on the cold hill. My favorite meme is Peter sitting across from Madison looking so sad & it says, "Peter realized in the end, he only F'ed(sorry) himself" .... isnt that the truth!!!

  4. I was sitting in my car one afternoon, hadn't gotten out yet and I swear I saw a mouse scurry by. Keith put out traps in the corners, we pulled stuff out and nothing still to this day. But the traps are still out, ha!

    As for Bachelor, here's my 2 cents. She knew what happens on this show. If she made it further along there are fantasy suites. She can't really give an ultimatum with it because its not fair. However kudos to her for her beliefs in waiting for marriage. What we don't know is if she's had it before and decided from that point to wait (I believe Sean Lowe was a case of that) or what the deal is. Not everyone is going to be like her and many have a past and Bachelor wasn't a place to go if she wanted a true virgin.

  5. Reality TV is my favorite so I really need to get on the Love is Blind bandwagon!
    Also, candles are the best. I love them.

  6. I keep hearing about 'Love is Blind'. It's going to be my next Netflix binge.


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