January 25, 2020

The Bachelor is really boring right now.

My habit up until this season has usually been to listen to the recap podcasts and then go back and loosely watch the episode. Sometimes I never really get through the episode. This week I did.

My current deal with Scott is that we watch together on Monday nights. We have this habit we're trying to form right now: no phones or devices from 7-9pm. So Wells goes to bed and then we have to talk or watch TV without the distraction of phones, iPads, computers, etc. The "deal" part is that he can play on his phone while we watch, so Monday night is a freebie.

It kind of kills me to deal with commercials though. So I usually get through an hour and then I just watch the rest the next day.

And you can see how much I currently care about Peter and the women on this season: I was going to write this on Friday morning (ideally Thursday night) and it's Saturday night.

My holy grail of Bachelor podcasts is Bachelor Party. Juliet always has great guests and has a level of credibility. To me, she really likes the show and geeks out over it so it's an enjoyable listen.

This week she had Rachel Lindsay and Rachel always seems to be truthful. I like that. I guess she has her own podcast but I don't care that much. Not enough to add in another podcast.

She mentioned that Demi told her that when she was on this show for this episode the girls came across as completely there for the wrong reasons. I get that they want to be influencers. Cool. But the level of meta is complete and we're full circle and Peter doesn't seem to understand that most are there for the opportunity, not for love.

That's a real obviously moment but Demi said they were more excited to meet her than, it seemed, just to be there on the date.

On Here to Make Friends, they really took Alayah's side.

I was pretty shocked. They generally hate on anyone who is like Alayah.

HTMF is absolutely a guilty pleasure dislike-listen for me. They hate on this show so much. Like, they can't even pretend half the time.

I may be the only one, but I find Victoria P. incredibly boring. Like, I just can't be bothered to really care. She has a horrible backstory, but the pageant thing...eh. She still had herself together enough to compete in pageants. If she's as credible as she seems, she's too good for Peter.

On I Hate Green Beans, sometimes I wish Lincee and Some Guy would literally just read an article or a fact or scroll Twitter once in awhile. They rarely know the most basic things. I can't remember what it was this week that made me sigh in frustration, but they're always mixing up names and professions and locations and it's. not. that. hard.
I prefer her blog posts 100% to her podcast but I don't always feel like reading, so it's easier to listen.

But, skipping ahead...if you checked out spoilers...there really aren't any. Reality Steve (I CANNOT with his site...there's so many ads that I can't even scroll) doesn't have a clear winner. And, out of the few he assumes it is (rumor has it his source was producer Elan Gale and Elan left the show last year), I'm sure you can already guess based on how things are going so far this season. It's not hard.

I did go back to unavoiding spoilers this season because, after going unspoiled for Hannah's season, I felt oddly disconnected from the ending. I get more out of it this way, which is strange.

Anywho. Thoughts so far???


  1. I’ve watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette ever since Jillian Harris was the bachelorette, but stopped watching during Becca’s season because she was just too boring. I also felt like around Kaitlyn Briscoe’s season social media started becoming more popular, so people started wanting to be on the show to become influencers, and it’s just gotten worse since. I decided to watch Peter’s season because I’m not in school anymore, so I have more free time to watch terrible tv shows. ;) I don’t really care for any of the women at this point, but I’m excited to see what happens due to RS not knowing.

  2. I have not heard the rumor that Elan was the mole! I’ve always wondered how he knows what he knows, and the timing makes perfect sense for RS to be off his game this season. I can hardly pay attention during the episodes. The girls are insufferable.

  3. I didnt realize Elan left the show. Hmm. You're the one who got me to start drifting over to reality steve a few seasons ago. I'm not sure about this one yet.


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