January 17, 2020

Pete the Pilot, Episode 2

*Light, very light, spoilers ahead*

Gah. I usually don't do these types of posts until later in the season. There's not much to say at this point, right? Especially since instead of using a wide angle lens and looking at alllllll the girls, we know a lot about 3 or 4 of them.

Hannah Ann is kind of the worst, isn't she?

Kelsey is annoying but harmless. And she's definitely not a bully. Hannah Ann reminds me of the girl in every elementary class I've ever taught who has insisted that she's being bullied. There's always one.

My solution to these two:

Moving on...

I listened to a podcast or two in which the hosts were really "grossed out" about Victoria F. modeling for a white lives matter campaign? It was about saving white marlins? The fish? But had like Confederate flags in the background? Okay, fine. Maybe not a bright choice.

But I'm much more grossed out by the fact that she is a known homewrecker in her hometown of Virginia Beach, as reported by Reality Steve (this isn't a spoiler...it's out there everywhere) and reported by Sydney from Colton's season, with whom she went to high school. And wait til we get to the Chase Rice date.

(These aren't *really* spoilers. She seems like such a fake that it doesn't matter.)

Also, see the word "modeling"? Yes, She Who Was a Little Scared to compete in an Instagram fashion show has had actual modeling experience. So, yeah. "Scared".

And, also, Hannah Ann is my least favorite by a mile. There's just something about her. She's best buddies IRL with Hannah G. and one podcaster said she's like Hannah G.'s evil twin. 

I do like Lexie, Victoria P., and Alexa. Natasha is funny too. Her maturity shows and I appreciate that. 

Eh, you know...maybe we should just do a cage match with everyone? Janice Dickinson can judge.

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  1. The awkward concert is next week - CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just can't stand most of the girls this year. The quality is just getting worse & worse on here.


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