January 1, 2020

Currently in 2020... {a link-up}

Happy 2020!

This is another "moving" year for us (to Kansas).
I posted about the last decade a few weeks ago and this IG story I posted on Sunday also kind of sums it up. 

Resolving.  January goals were posted on Monday. I'm a monthly goals type, not a yearly. I find it hard to stick with a resolution year-round if we happen to be moving that year. I would like to avoid fast fashion if I can, if that counts. That's more of a lifestyle choice.

Reading. Currently, I'm not actually reading anything. I just finished a terrifying real-life serial killer book. I have 2-3 books on hold at the library. I've found that jumping into a new book as soon as I've finished one I liked might not be for me. I like to take my time moving on.

I forgot to mention in my best books of the year post last week: I read 47 books in 2019. Not terrible considering that during a few months of 2019, I didn't read at all.

My book goal for 2020 is to read much more non-fiction. Aside from that American Predator book, I didn't read ANY in 2019. And I only finally requested that from the library in December, after I had already decided I needed more non-fiction. Fiction is waaaaay too easy for me to DNF these days so that's what I end up doing (I think I had 14 DNF this past year). Learning something from reading might be a better fit for me right now.

Cleaning. ...up all the Christmas. This was the pile I came home with on Saturday and I have been putting things away ever since. Now I need to haul all the Christmas decorations to the basement, sort them, and pack them up.

Creating.  I'm not actually creating anything? But I'll share this, which I find really funny: Scott started a Youtube channel last year because he was rebuilding the transmission of a truck and he was doing something complicated and he recorded it, talking through it as a tutorial. He put it online and now, with one video, he has 98 followers and 21,000+ views.

And...if you look at the date on the video: Yes.  That's what he was doing while we had a newborn baby. He had to fix the truck, and sell the truck, so he could get back to remodeling the entire house that we also needed to get on the market to sell before January so we could move across the country, per army orders (so all y'all who are like my husband made me dinner while he's on paternity leave..I'm the luckiest!!1!...no)*

Currently, he's building a bathroom addition, so he's recording it all and posting it on Youtube.

At least someone is being creative, since I'm certainly not.

*Sorry. I see this a lot on Facebook it seems and that's a super low bar you're bragging about, moms.

Planning. Meal-planning. Along with the rest of the population, I'm back on the meal-planning bandwagon. I noticed a lot of people asking for advice/recipes on Instagram this past weekend...I need to compile a post about this. While I've shared my favorite go-to recipes over the last year (meals that are EASY), I really do make the same 7 or 8 things in a rotation so I need to put them all in one place. What's your go-to dinner?

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  1. Didnt realize you all got your orders. Where in KS?

  2. Good luck with your move, Kristin! I don't make resolutions, either--but I do choose One Word for the year. I look at it from a different perspective each month, and that has been a really good, natural, positive fit for me. I blog about it around the first Monday of the month, and that keeps me accountable. I've never kept a resolution--ever--but I'm on Year 6 with my One Word. Happy 2020 to you & yours!

  3. Happy New Year! I hope your move to Kansas goes well. I live there. It's not that bad. :)

  4. Good luck with the move! I also feel like I am cleaning everything - it's like Christmas is everywhere I look in here. Lol. Have a great one!

  5. I definitely need recipe ideas! LOL I want to read more nonfiction this year too. I go through phases, but I have quite a few that I own or that are on my wish list. I'm curious about American Predator now.


  6. Haha, yes - you and me and everyone else on the meal planning. Excited to check out your go-tos! And I'm definitely moving toward cutting out fast fashion too - some compelling articles/podcasts on this lately, and it's just nicer to have less of better quality stuff in my life anyway, in addition to those ethical/environmental converns.

  7. I read 46 in 2019 so we were really close to each other! Also... the kids make such messes. I feel like all I do is clean!


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