January 3, 2020

5 on Friday.

1.  On my gosh, this week. It started with me trying to find space for all of Wells' new toys and by Wednesday I was taking cold medicine, using a space heater (because this house has no insulation), and googling "toddler pillow". Wells has decided to stop sleeping in his crib and we're desperately trying to figure out why.

On Monday, I took Wells to the childcare at the gym and he did surprisingly well, considering that I hadn't been there for 6 weeks. The lady at the child check-in desk helpfully reminded me of that more than once.

I planned to go back Thursday and Friday and then I ended up with a sore throat/runny nose. So it might be another 6 weeks there, Karen. (That's not her name. I did know her name, but it's been 6 weeks and we don't sleep anymore so...)

On Monday afternoon, Wells suddenly developed a fever. It wasn't high (100.5 was what I kept getting, since I took his temperature a lot over the next 20-some hours), but he always runs closer to 96, like I do, so it is kind of a big jump for him.

On Tuesday, we had to take him with us to get the oil changed because I can't let the free Toyota Care go to waste while we live here. By Tuesday afternoon, the fever was gone.

On Tuesday night, he decided to stop sleeping.

On Wednesday night, he decided he would not sleep in his crib and Scott slept with him on the floor until about 3am. Then I took over and was able to shift him into his crib by giving him a pillow which he clung to for dear life. Since I couldn't let him go to sleep with a pillow, I gently replaced it with a stuffed animal and he slept til 8am.

On Thursday, I had high hopes of getting to the gym but I have been struck down with a cold so...We went to Target.

And today, Friday, I take the dogs to the vet for a lyme vaccine booster shot. Perfect way to wrap this week up.

2. In the book I will someday write about how much I hate this house, there will be a chapter dedicated to the entryway. As in, there is none.

We had/have a stand for keys and it's just repurposed from every other house we've ever lived in. The issue was that Wells was grabbing the keys and whatever else was in the key dish.

So I bought a small floating shelf, big enough for just the dish so it didn't get piled up with other things as a catch-all.

Scott hung it up about a foot higher than I originally wanted so I had to find something to put underneath it to make it look less weird.  I had this picture, bought maybe 6 or 7 years ago.

3. Yesterday, I posted a Christmas craft, in case you missed it. I'm oddly proud of myself with this one. I also made it 3D with puffballs back in December for my mom, so lots of options here.

4.  Ha, okay. This is funny. We got Jett from a breeder in Minnesota. He shows dogs in Europe several times a year. We still follow them on Facebook. Often, something like this pops up.

Oh, what Jett could've been, right? Traveling the world and all. 

What a cute little guy. But seriously, no new puppies for awhile. 

5.  The best things I've found on Twitter this week. 

This was from Pinterest, actually.

And Happy New Year:

This was kind of brilliant. 

And political tweet of the week: this is what we're working with now, I guess. There's a reason why elementary schools built in the 70s used this model for "open" classrooms and all had to be remodeled by 2001. It doesn't work. 

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  1. with our new office space, I find no humor or inspiration in the big move to cubicles :) LOL
    Hoping Wells is back to 100% & that momma gets back to 1000% because without momma, what is there?
    Ahhh - but look at the puppers... wouldnt that be fun???:)


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