December 16, 2019

Unethical Fashion: Sneakers

I have been having the worst time finding a pair of freaking sneakers (excuse the language). I don't understand why it is so hard to find a pair that I like and that fits. I've had the same reliable Nikes for about 3 years now. In between then and now, I also had another pair of Nikes that weren't quite as supportive, but maybe they originally were and I just wore them out? I walked all my Wyoming trail miles in them last year. I had to throw them away because they started to fall apart after two years.
This past spring I bought some Adidas and they were pretty and plain and so comfortable and after one time that I washed them, they lost all of their comfort. They were only $40. I should've known.

I generally spend about $60 on a pair of sneakers, for context.

So I've been wearing my 3 year old Nikes and that doesn't exactly inspire me to want to work out.

I went to a local sporting goods store and tried on 4 or 5 pairs of Under Armor and Reebok shoes and none of them fit the way I wanted or expected them to. Then I kind of gave up and ordered a pair of Adidas from Famous Footwear, even though the pair I bought earlier this year really let me down.

These Adidas were awful in every way.

Which led me back to freaking Nike (excuse the language). Their labor practices are questionable at best and human rights violations at the worst. I don't want to buy Nikes. I don't buy Nike in any other form of gear (or haven't in the last 5 or so gym bag from 2011 is Nike). But is it my fault the sneakers that fit me best are Nikes? Ugh.

I've also tried Asics and, since I'm not a runner, they don't give me the look and feel I want. New Balance give me blisters on the heel. More than one pair did this over the years, so I found that to be odd.

I went to a few shoe stores on Saturday. I had found many pairs on DSW's website and there's one very nearby so that's where I went first.


I probably tried on 10 pairs, including Nikes.

So I went to Famous Footwear because I had to return those Adidas ones anyway. It was not in a convenient location, which is why I had ordered online in the first place.

Those rain boots are something I wear 3-4 times a week. Lovely city Pittsburgh is.

I found two pairs of Nikes that felt great.

I got the black and white pair. 

Scott said at least I was keeping the Chinese kids employed. I said I was just happy to be able to pay Kaepernick's salary. He's unemployed, officially, right now anyway.

What sneaker brand do you swear by? I don't like that I ended up with Nikes but I went to three stores, looked online night after night, looking for something that jumped out at me, and finally I was worried I wouldn't even find a pair of Nikes that would fit correctly. 

I have another ethical consumer dilemma too, concerning fast fashion, for next week (PERFECT for the holiday shopping season :)


  1. I really struggle to find good tennis shoes too. I have that exact pair of Nikes and LOVE them. They’re the most comfortable pair I’ve found in years. I used to love Asics, but they suddenly aren’t as comfortable as they used to be.

  2. I use to swear by Nike but the fit changed. The past few years have been now saucony which are great on my feet. I usually get them from zappos or amazon.

  3. I went to a local running store to be fitted for shoes and they recommended Saucony. Since I can only afford one pair of running shoes at a time, I rotate them out after 400-500 miles and the retired old ones become my walking or crosstraining shoes.

    1. If I were a runner, I would do the same. I use mine for mostly walking, some cardio, and some strength training. For a long time, I had a "good" gym pair, and then my older pair became my outdoor shoes. In Alaska, you had to carry your shoes into the gym so I got into that habit.

  4. I found one pair of running shoes I LOVEDDDDD & then when they brought out the next one in line of that style - it wasn't the same. Its gone downhill ever since. I struggle finding shoes I like again!!

  5. Brooks and Asics :) I like that you can choose shoes based on what type of walker/runner you are. But, I don’t usually wear athletic shoes for anything other than actually working out...I have a pair of Nike Free Runs and they’re fine for walking but they give me blisters.

    I do love the retro style Brooks they were making for a long time, just for wearing out and about, but they stopped making them. Mad face.


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