November 7, 2019

Fall Survey 2019.

 Leaves I will never rake. 

Because even though the Christmas decorations are out, it's still fall. Sure, it's supposed to snow today, but it's still fall.

1. PSL or peppermint mocha?

Anything peppermint is much preferred to anything pumpkin. Peppermint is my Christmas flavor of choice but, realizing it's still #fall, that's not what this question is asking.
I don't do PSLs though because they're sickeningly sweet and I don't like squash-flavored (however slight) coffee.

2.  Pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie?

Pumpkin cookies.

3. Thanksgiving dinner or Thanksgiving leftovers?


4. Candy corn or Tootsie Rolls?

Candy corn. I confess I threw half a bag away last week though because, after multiple days of bingeing on it after Wells was in bed, I realized it was leading to some real poor sleep at night. And sleep cannot be compromised on during this season of life.

5. Haunted house or pumpkin patch?

I worked at a haunted house as a teenager and I almost want to say haunted house because the weather is iffy at pumpkin patches. I've never been to one where I wasn't sweating to death or freezing. But I don't particularly like being scared.

6. Corn maze or hayride?

I've never actually done a corn maze. I did a hayride once.

7. Caramel apple or candy apple?

Caramel. I don't know that I ever had a regular candy apple, though. They never look that appealing.

8. Boots or scarves?

Boots. Always.

9. Holiday movies or holiday music?

I don't do a lot of music, so movies. I need to find a way to get good ones this year. The Netflix/Hulu selections are weak and I don't have a DVR, but I could probably play the Hallmark channel all day in the background. I own a few of the classics but I don't think we have a DVD player anymore. I may need to start from scratch in order to start a true holiday movie collection.

10. Tire swing or jumping in leaves?

Tire swing. Though, I might get sick as an adult. I developed some pretty intense motion-sickness post pregnancy. 

Borrowing this survey from Michelle!


  1. I'd probably get stuck in a tire swing :) LOL

  2. I just watched holiday in the wild on Netflix and it was cute. Theres 2 more coming out soon for the holidays. Otherhood was good too but it's not a holiday one.


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