October 2, 2019

Currently in October {a link-up}

Arranging... I broke down and bought 5 little pumpkins at Target. I didn't want to buy fall decorations, and I almost bought a wreath, but I needed something for this dish.

Loving...  leaves on the ground. A few of my neighbors meticulously use a leaf blower to keep leaves off their lawns. I said I loved the big trees; one neighbor said "wait til you have to rake!". Well, I don't have to rake. I like leaves everywhere. This was something we didn't have for 4 years on the prairie in Colorado. Our little cottonwood trees would turn yellow and all fall off in one day. Fall on the prairie was not very fall-like.

This is a flag retirement location near our house. 
I love the idea of having these spaces, but I've never seen one before.

Embracing...  Instagram-free weekends. I've only done this once but it was kind of nice. I held myself accountable with a brief "taking a social media" break on a story on Friday and I stayed off of IG until yesterday. A blogger I follow does this the last few days of each month and I think that's, in this weird world, admirable. When I say "social media", I mean Instagram. It's my "fun" social media. Facebook is sort of a necessary evil to talk to people I may know IRL or are local. Twitter is where I get my news. IG is just fluff that I really enjoy. I love having conversations with friends on IG, but it really can cut into the day without my own setting of boundaries (I've finished two books in the last week by being off of IG for 3 days, so....)
I think I'm going to attempt IG-free weekends for a bit and see how it works.

Took Wells into a toy section the other day...he left a trail.

But I didn't purchase anything. 

Purchasing....  Bare Minerals powder foundation. I needed a lighter color because I'm pretty sure the one I've been using is too dark but I can never remember the shade I need. I decided to just look at the colors online and get one shade lighter. I looked at Ulta because that's what came up when I searched Google, initially. It was $31. There is an Ulta two miles away and is actually next to the grocery store I needed to go to over the weekend. It would've been perfectly convenient to stop in. Then I looked at Amazon. It was $21, with taxes, in the cart. It would be delivered the next day. I didn't have to go anywhere AND I saved $10. This is why Amazon is winning.
I'm seeing now that it's even cheaper today, as Amazon prices fluctuate constantly.

Sharing...  October goals here and that includes a recap of what I did in September. That pretty much sums up where things are currently.

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  1. Yay for insta free weekends!! I need a fall wreath too!

  2. I used to use Bare Minerals & loved it! I need to check out their latest stuff.
    Love those little pumpkins from Target. I got 3 & want to go back for more.

  3. I bought the same pumpkins at Target. Instagram is my fun social media. I have Facebook because I feel like I have to have it to coordinate with people and the groups. V. rarely do I actually post on there!

    1. There were 3 other people looking at the pumpkins when I grabbed some. I'm surprised they have any left by Oct. 1!

  4. I'm kind of needing a lighter shade of foundation too... because my summer color has nearly faded away, and I'm going to be sooo pale from now until about June. Oh well. And I am intrigued by this idea of a weekend-long Instagram break! I've at least tried putting the "lights out" type setting on my phone so it doesn't let me access apps after a certain time of day, because I do manage to waste a lot of time scrolling while lounging in bed, when I could be reading or sleeping...

  5. I got fall out for September as nd now it's like do I put away for Halloween or just leave out for November. Options options!

  6. Those pumpkins are adorable!
    I need to take another social media break myself. It's hard for me to do, but important!

  7. An IG free weekend is a really good idea, I think I'll have to try that.

  8. i rarely post on IG and when i do, it's most about books or food or funny memes that i come across. in fact, not being on social media all that much is liberating and feels so much better; like do i need everyone to know what i'm doing? no.

  9. Hi there! I found your blog through Rebecca Jo's blog! I love your little pumpkins!
    I got some Bare Minerals powder foundation in a goody bag from QVC over the summer and I haven't even opened it up yet because frankly I wasn't sure what exactly it was. It looks awfully light and shimmery. Does it go one after foundation??? Maybe I ought to bust that open...lol.
    I RARELY get on Facebook. Never to talk to people but only sometimes to look up an event. I am guilty of loving IG just a little too much. I've never purposely stayed off it for an extended period of time cus I figure if it is something that brings you a bit of joy for 5 or 10 ( or 20) minutes at a time they why not! Enjoy your day! Meranda @Fairytalesnfit

  10. I don't think I could give up Instagram as it is my main social media guilty pleasure. Never did Twitter, won't start now. Dropped Facebook for its drama and using Instagram to see extended family pictures. I started using Nuzzle for news. And of course, I still think blogs are best for really connecting. Glad to have stopped by yours today.

  11. Cute pumpkins! I try not to use social media too much in general, but it's good to have days where you completely log off!


  12. i don't do seasonal decor and have a strange hatred for pumpkins as decor... but those pumpkins are ADORABLE and i want one. i never really understood the whole getting rid of leaves thing. each house we've owned, we've had big trees and even if we got rid of all the leaves, all our neighbours had big trees and we'd be raking/blowing every single day. no thanks! i do the social media free weekends/days too sometimes, but rarely planned, they kind of just happen. i think i've been doing a twitter free month or two, i don't remember the last time i logged on. facebook is the only way i talk to my family back home, but i don't actually go on it other than that. but it's nice to just ignore instagram (or goodreads, which i know isn't typical social media but i spend a lot of time on there lol) for a day or two.


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