October 25, 2019

5 on Friday {fails, recipes, funnies)

1. I didn't take out the recycling this week. I try to be a decent person and recycle all cardboard, a lot of plastic, and (if Scott is around) cans. (I hate washing out cans.)
They only collect our recycling every other week. Since I was out of town from Saturday-Tuesday, I didn't have a chance to cut up and load the recycling into the bin. And they collect it at like 4am on Wednesday mornings. I TOTALLY could've done it but I just didn't want to spend my time doing that on Tuesday afternoon when I had a million other things, seemingly, to take care of. It's going to take a few weeks to catch up now. We order 90% of what we consume from Amazon it seems.

2. I tried some new recipes this week. A few days away from home is all it takes for me to want to cook again. This even happens when we take (took lol) vacations.

This soup, I thought, was a fail. I followed the recipe exactly and it was just flavorless to me. Scott liked it and I had even added salt and garlic powder but still...not great. It's a good method for a broccoli cheese soup though if you can figure out how to give it more flavor.

3.  Last week, my jaw started to hurt. My teeth ached. I know I've had a habit of grinding my teeth in my sleep in the past but there's not a lot I can do about that and it's not intentional. I never splurged on the expensive nightguard one dentist offered me because it wasn't an issue then.
But last week was painful. I felt like my teeth were moving and my jaw was shifting permanently and I was thinking about calling the dentist (and wondering how my insurance would react to that visit and what could a dentist even do?) and then I thought maybe I needed a chiropractor. TMJ and jaw issues can often be solved that way, right? This went on for about 4 days and then started to subside. Since I didn't see Scott much this past weekend, I didn't tell him about it until like Tuesday night. He just looked at me and that's stress.

Which makes sense. But how do I keep this from happening? I could barely eat or drink.

4. I tried two new recipes this week that DID work. This Butternut Squash Grain Bowl.

I used Israeli couscous instead of barley and I used chicken bone broth instead of vegetable broth. Also, I used shredded parmesan instead of grated because I think it just has a better flavor. It was tasty. Next time I would/will add more vegetables just because why not.

Then, these Veggie Packed Pizza Rolls were super delicious and not hard to make. The worst part was remembering to buy a bunch of vegetables and use them all on time. I put broccoli, carrots, red/yellow/orange pepper, and mushrooms into them, and then added pepperoni before I rolled the dough. One jar of pizza sauce (not marinara, a smaller jar) made enough sauce for two pizzas, so I put half the sauce in the freezer for another time. I had pizza dough in the freezer already.

5.  Funnies.

I used to do this all the time. There's no good way to go about reminding them. 

If it stops raining this weekend, we'll hopefully get to a pumpkin patch this weekend and/or maybe the zoo. I'm pretty relieved to just be staying in Pittsburgh and not packing up my life into a vehicle. 


  1. Over the last year and a half, I’ve started grinding my teeth again and having lots of TMJ issues, including blinding headaches that lasted for weeks. It’s all stress related for me. My dentist put the fear of God in me over it, telling me if it got bad enough my fillings and teeth would disintegrate, etc. Unfortunately, my insurance won’t cover a nightguard through them, and I’m not paying $700 out of pocket. I wound up getting some over the counter ones that you can shape yourself. They aren’t comfy and I hate sleeping in them, but when I’m going through a grinding phase, they save my life.

  2. Butternut squash anything is pretty much the best. I love pumpkin/squash season. I made roasted pumpkin risotto last night.

  3. Recycle only every other week? That's rough especially since I'd forget!

  4. mercy I love your memes every week
    GIRL - be careful grinding those teeth - I've cracked & broken 5 teeth that way!!! A mouth full of debt with crowns.
    I so wish we had recycling pick up - we have to lug it down to the next town.


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