September 27, 2019

5 on Friday.

1. I think the smell of dead leaves is just the best smell.

2. We started watching Yellowstone* the other night. So far, I recommend it. (As long as you're not offended by the maiming/killing of animals and/or people. I had to leave the room a few times in those first three episodes.)
But I also never felt the absolute pull to go back and finish Unbelievable, which I recommended last week, so maybe I've become a serial Do-not-finisher when it comes to TV now, as well as books (I DNF'd two this week).

*Since no one who recommends this actually explains how to watch it, we discovered you can stream season 1 for free on the Paramount app (connected to the Amazon Fire), but we had to also choose our cable company (it came with the internet package, so we have it) on the screen before it would let us watch. So I don't know how to watch if you're a cord-cutter. 


3. After I recommended the enchilada quinoa to a moms' group a few weeks ago, I started thinking about my other go-to recipes. This tortilla soup. This quinoa pizza pie. We had both this week. The tortilla soup, which I've recommended here before, is one that I double and freeze into about 5 or 6 batches, so I usually make it three-ish times a year. I also add black beans and cilantro and make my own taco seasoning because it's healthier (I just ate chips and queso for lunch so take that for what it's worth) and because it's a great way to use up the spices I already have taking up cupboard space.

Also, Wells loved the quinoa pizza pie. I put a video of him eating it with a fork on Instagram yesterday.

4. I had a mole cut out of my back yesterday so I'm modifying everything from showers to workouts this weekend because of the stitches.

I AM grateful that, even though our doctors' offices are 45 minutes away (on a good traffic day), our insurance pays for this type of thing. It's still very odd being away from a military base and having military insurance in a regular city. I was given some prescriptions at the dermatologist and it took four pharmacies before I got one that would accept our insurance. The pharmacies wouldn't even let me BUY the products...they needed insurance coverage for their own quotas, I suppose. (This is what socialism will look like, btw. They tell you what you can get and when/where you can get it.)

Speaking of socialism...

5. I think I'm going to start posting my favorite tweet from the week...I spend more time than I want to admit on Twitter but I learn a lot. It's kind of like a nice little cesspool chasm of links and articles and memes and thoughts and opinions. There's nothing wrong with that, right? Anyway, cancel culture reared its ugly head as always, and this tweet greeted me on Monday morning:

And, for what it's worth, Andy Ngo, the gay Asian with immigrant parents, has been called a white supremacist by those with a far-left ideology. 

In case you missed it...I did an updated "what's in my bag post" and a sleep training post this week.

Next week: new month, new goals!

AND while I have some time this weekend...does anyone know a surefire method to cleaning out iCloud storage? It's always "full" and I delete, delete, delete and it never makes a huge difference. I think it's a scam.

There's a lot of (  ) in this post. Sorry. At least it's not a book. I recently read a book with more than necessary when it came to (  ) and that author needed a better editor.


  1. I just cant handle what todays world has turned into - a world of easy offended people & a place that caters to each & every single one of them.... Bad days are ahead for the world that is being created.
    Quinoa Pizza??? Checking that out STAT!!!
    The smell of burning leaves - my #1 all time favorite smell.

  2. I've got plenty of dead in my yard, check out today's post ;)

    I watched the first episode of Yellowstone, gotta watch the rest!

  3. i think by default, your apple device is set to auto-backup every second. try going into settings and unchecking the backup option for your may have to go to every app to do that, though.


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