August 5, 2019

SW #7: Sleep training, ready to move (basically) + Quick Bachelorette thoughts

Tonight starts BIP and, I admit, that show is complete trash instead of just the half-trash I would categorize the regular Bachelor and Bachelorette as being.

I'll probably still watch every episode.

I already read the spoilers. It's a bunch of D-list contestants who all seem to settle for each other. Unless we can really believe that people are ready to get married after 3 weeks in Mexico.

Anyway. I can't imagine I'll have much to say about it because it seems like the whole season revolves around Blake, Hannah G., and Demi and they are all annoying to me.

I went unspoiled for the first time in years for Hannah's season.

I had no idea she was picking Jed because I actually don't care to deduce the behavior and words and edited clips that ABC chooses to show us in the previews; I've noticed a lot of people really pull it apart and try to figure out what's going to happen.

The working theory every season is that the lead gets rid of who, in their mind, is second as the third or fourth place finishers because it's harder. They know that, on proposal day, it's easier to let the person you're not in love with go and focus on number one. This is how the Bachelorette (women) operate anyway. Ben Higgins seemed not to go about it that way.

To start with, I don't think Tyler is going to be with Hannah for any amount of time if they are, in fact, "hanging out" right now. He was her second choice. She chose that doofus with a guitar, who pouted his way through multiple dates.

I don't really get the Tyler love, but whatever. If he was the Bachelor, it'd be fine. If Peter's the Bachelor, it'd be fine. Everything will be fine. We survived Arie, right?

Personally, I think that this season had the best possible ending. Hannah came out looking like she has really bad judgment, but at least she had the guts to admit it.

And, as far as the Christianity factor: I will reiterate that I don't care what Hannah does but I care that she has this enormous platform to show and tell what Christianity is really all about and she just...threw it away (kinda like how she threw away Tyler). Worse, she gave false doctrine and information. (And in Another Bachelor Podcast, they mention how Hannah keeps saying she's proud of herself and Oh oh oh! Isn't that that pride thing she kept saying was BAD? reference to Luke.)

Alright, working backwards on that title up there ^

I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh with just Wells and, since the dogs went with Scott, I took the opportunity to deep-clean the house. I can do this with the dogs here but it's just more convenient if they're not because they get a bit displaced while I move everything about.

What I determined is that it's basically time to move.

I took many boxes to Goodwill because I'm (legit) already starting to pack. This house is not big enough and it's also not baby-friendly. I spend a lot of time trying to keep Wells away from the fireplace and now he's discovered the curtains. The dogs' water dish and the TV were our previous no-nos.

We took some stroller walks. The two trees on one side of our street are shedding leaves but literally no other trees are. It's very strange. Fall hasn't even hit Alaska yet, I'm sure. 

I'm attempting to sleep train Wells.

It's not really 77 degrees in there. 
The camera/sensor is just up high on the wall and our a/c comes out of the very bottom of the wall. 

The basics are:

Wells puts himself to sleep each night between 7:30-8:00pm. He was waking up anywhere between one and three times a night wanting a bottle....the times were always a little different, but it always happens. While we just hand him the bottle, he drinks it, and he goes back to sleep on his own, it's annoying, it's unhealthy, and it's a terrible habit. I'd been hoping against hope that he'd just drop it on his own. I'd tried all the strategies of cutting ounces and feeding him extra during the day (the issue is perhaps that he NEVER drinks a full bottle...sometimes he wants an ounce, sometimes he wants 6 ounces). But at some point last week, I realized that I had sleep-trained him at 4.5 months in the first place and now I needed to do it again. I never cut out the nighttime bottles back then because he still technically could've needed them and all I cared about was him being able to fall asleep on his own so I could have some semblance of predictability in the evening. 

ANYWAY. That was what I did this weekend. It was mentally and emotionally exhausting. Verrrry exciting. I'll update you in a week, I suppose. Maybe. I feel like I'm the least qualified person in the world when it comes to talking about baby sleep. If you, too, feel unqualified, we can commiserate together.

Tomorrow I'm talking about groceries. Things just keep getting more exciting around here.


  1. I cant wait to listen to the Another bachelor Podcast today.. Right now, I'm listening to Ali & Rachel talk to Jed... what a messed up season. I'll watch BIP too - but just dont get all the Demi love & know its going to be over the top & not something I care to get into. I'll probably actually just watch it whenever I can - no rush to watch this one for me.
    Good luck on that sleep training. I think I'm still working on training myself some nights ;)

  2. Holden has been a pretty decent sleeper luckily, but Caleb was awful. We eventually had to do Cry it Out (per his doctor's suggestion) which was TORTURE! It worked though. Not sleeping is so brutal. I am there with you in spirit lol.

  3. I'll watch bip too and I've read about it and it's just like eh. Guess we will see!

  4. I accidentally saw some BIP spoilers. Usually I love watching it because it’s such a train wreck, but I might skip it this year. I cannot stand Demi, and from the spoilers I saw about her I’m going to lose even more respect for her. Hannah about ruined this whole show for me and this might be the nail in the coffin for me.


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