July 23, 2019

Reporting back (products I've bought and what I've thought)

City Mini Jogger

This is NOT the jogging version of a stroller. It's just called that for some misleading reason. The jogging version of this brand costs about $100 more. I opted to go with the regular mostly because I don't run and I didn't want a bulkier stroller than I really needed to have, because I wouldn't actually be using it for jogging.
I have no issues with this stroller.
I do thoroughly recommend it.
I can close it with one hand and load it in the car. I can even open it with one hand if I'm really desperate and I'm holding a 20 pound child in the other arm. I saw a blogger say that she couldn't do it (close it and lift it with one hand). I'm 5'6" and I do have to kind of brace my core so I don't hurt myself, but I swear it can be done.
I had registered for a jogging stroller on Amazon a year and a half ago and I had received some of the accessories as gifts but didn't go through with buying the stroller because I smartly thought I don't need a jogging stroller after all because I don't jog. BUT I pulled out this drink holder/pouch thing and rednecked it onto the City Mini and it works perfectly for my keys/phone/dog bags/etc. Since I'm not running with it, it doesn't need to be uber-secure so this solved two problems: what to do with the accessory holder I'd been hanging onto, and I need a place to put all my stuff when walking.

The only thing I would highlight is that the back is hard to adjust and push up. I don't have a lot of stroller experience, so maybe they're all kind of like that.

Crib rail guards

A month or so ago, Wells started chewing on his crib. At first, I didn't really notice. Then I realized he was destroying the crib rails and ingesting...whatever it is they're coated with.
So I ordered rail guards and put him in his pack-and-play in the meantime (and that led to two weeks of Wells only willing to sleep in his pack-and-play...June was a rough month).
Unfortunately, I ordered rail guards that weren't wide enough so I had to order a new set. I gave the first set to my parents because they have my old crib (with lots of teeth marks) set up at their house for him.
In the end, I LOVE the rail guards we ended up with and thoroughly recommend them if you need a set.

(Speaking of, I also LOVE the pack-and-play we got for traveling to my parents', my in-laws, etc. It was the literal cheapest one I could find...Amazon tells me I bought it for $40.99...and it's high quality and, so far, chew-proof.)

Spray sunscreen

I wanted spray sunscreen for Wells because I hate rubbing on sunscreen. Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention and this is not aerosol. I wanted aerosol like the regular Banana Boat or Coppertone ones that I use. This is the Babyganics aerosol version. However, the one I did get is much thinner than the version in the tube so it's easier to put on. Wells loves having sunscreen applied anyway. He smiles as soon as he sees the bottle and I sit him on the bench for it. The Babyganics in the tube is one I do not recommend. It's super thick and stained the stroller and the carseat (it came out, but I really had to scrub).

E.l.f. Poreless Primer

I've never used primer before. I was looking at the makeup one day and decided that for $6, I couldn't really go wrong because it might be life-changing. I don't think it's life-changing, but I do really like it. It goes on smooth, it's not heavy, and doesn't make me break out. It does have a floral scent, which I don't love, but oh well. Maybe one of the other types have different scents so I'll try a different variety next time.

Madden Girl sandals

(I had these on in yesterday's post.)

These have been the best purchase this summer. They are comfortable. They go with all shorts and casual dresses/skirts. They're slip-ons so they're e.a.s.y. Also, comfortable. I wear them most days. They have definitely left a rub mark on my one foot, but it's not painful and it goes away if I don't wear them for a few days. Oh well. For $20, I'm glad I bought them. I don't know if they'll last more than maybe two seasons but they're perfect if you don't want to pay for Birkenstocks.


I used to have a Popsocket back in 2016-2017 and then was annoyed by it so I took it off and youcan'treusethosethingsifyoudidn'tknowthat. I almost ordered one of those Loopy cases because I've been feeling the need to just have something on my phone to hold onto lately. Instead, I just bought another Popsocket because the Loopy cases were a little expensive and I didn't know if I'd like them. I like having one again because it just makes picture-taking and carrying 7 things at once so much more convenient.


  1. I want a popsocket, but I keep one of those credit card holders on the back of my phone.. .Its like Sophie's choice on which to use.

  2. Wells looks so happy in the stroller! We have the exact same one, technically borrowed from a family that isn't sure if they want to have another kid or not--hey, works for me! I have almost never used it, though. We don't fold it much, We have a little storage area behind the kitchen where we park it and Angel mostly uses it if he wants to take Cyrus on an evening walk. For a long time Cyrus was not interested in sitting in the stroller, but lately he's been better about going for a ride instead of walking himself.
    Thankfully he has never decided to start crib-biting as a hobby, and hopefully we're through enough teeth now that he won't start...

  3. I will have to try that primer! I can’t live without my pop socket and my car pop socket holder!


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