June 13, 2019

11 months of Wells

He loves his lamb lovey so much. He also has an elephant, a bear, and a giraffe but it's the lamb that he prefers.

He hates having his diaper changed. It's a battle.

He's almost standing on his own without holding on. He does it occasionally but is usually holding onto something. I'm not pushing the walking though. He's mobile enough for now.

He does love rolling around in his walker. If you have a safe, flat space for your baby to make use of one of these, I recommend it.

He'll eat just about anything I give him, but if he's not in the mood to eat, he won't eat at all.

He's really smart. I'm sure everyone says that about their baby. I found him with his puppy walker flipped upside down (I'm not sure how he did that) and he was examining the screws to see how it was put together.

Clearly I had a lot more time to ruminate on these types of posts when he was younger.  I don't spend a lot of time thinking about what to say about Wells because I'm constantly chasing after Wells.

He still naps twice a day and I'm pleased that he does stick to a nap schedule.  He usually gets up once a night for a bottle but puts himself back to sleep when he's done. He slept through the night twice this week but he's been fighting bedtime like some sort of wild animal, so I'm playing with the timeframe a lot. I can sense that he wants to settle into a routine but he's trying to figure out how. He's been going to bed as late as 9pm, but it gives him solid sleep overnight so I'll take it. Also, I have this feeling that he just doesn't need as much sleep as some babies. He might be a lot like Scott and just thrive on naps, with less than the usual number of hours at night.

Over the next month I'm working on cutting/changing up his bottles. I want to start mixing in regular milk at the beginning of July. Something interesting is that he's never been on a bottle schedule but he seems to be putting himself on a bottle schedule, starting with that overnight one a few weeks ago. I'm just going to let him figure it out because he knows what he needs here and I've never been able to put him on a bottle schedule anyway.

Other than trying to figure out his first birthday party and trying to decide when to start cutting bottles, we have a busy few weeks ahead.
We're going to an amusement park tomorrow for the first time and I'm *planning* on getting him into swimming lessons (as soon as I stop procrastinating and call).

From Tuesday at his playgroup


  1. I love the progression of pics where he's like, "Mom, I cant sit here any longer"

  2. Man, the one year is coming up fast!!! He'll be walking and running before you know it!


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