April 23, 2019

Funny stuff I've found while attempting to clean off my computer.

My Macbook is almost 7 years old. It has so. much. stuff on it. I go through phases where I can't even sort through it, so I ignore it, like an overwhelming junk drawer. I became really proficient at cleaning out my downloads last fall, because I feel like I had a lot of time on my hands with a newborn and spending the weekends alone and whatnot (I'm not being facetious here). Then it started piling up again and I started cramming files and pictures and gifs into folders...not only do I have 7 years worth of junk on this, but I also had moved a lot from my old HP laptop onto this Macbook back in 2012. Now I'm attempting to sort through all these folders and re-classify items...and that's not even taking iPhoto into account. 7 years worth of pictures is not small feat. I'll get there. 
Scott suggested an external hard-drive but I don't know. Seems like one more thing to misplace. But storing pictures that way seems like a good idea. 
By saying "I'll get there", I mean that I've pretty much added this to my to-do list (of the never-ending variety) so I try to chip away at it a bit each week or so now. 
Any potential solutions?
Is your computer a mess too?

But, anyway, here's some things I've found that I've never shared (or, hey, maybe I have?). If I swiped one from a blog post of yours at some point, take it as a compliment, please. Now I can delete these. 

I've shared this before, but it's so absolutely true that I can't stress it enough. 

Our dogs hear the deli drawer from four rooms away. They come running into the kitchen for no other reason. 

I've shared this before too, I think. But it's too funny not to repost the video link again. 

Have you cleaned off your computer lately? (or ever)


  1. I put all my stuff, especially pictures, on an external. laptops give out more than external and mines dying so I back up a lot.

  2. I never clean off my computer - I just let them slowly die a painful death

  3. I, too, need to do some cleaning/sorting/purging from my laptop. I always back my photos up to an external hard drive as a backup *just in case. These are pretty good!

  4. My computer could use a major cleaning. Those memes are funny.


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