April 5, 2019

5 Friday Favorites: Grocery pick-up, etc.

1. Walmart grocery pick up.
In Colorado Springs, two years ago, I tried the Walmart grocery pick-up. It was good the first two times and then they started substituting items constantly and the wait times were ridiculous. Like, 20-30 minutes after I'd checked in, gotten there, and spoke to someone, I'd be lucky to have my groceries. So I stopped doing it. It was a really terrible Walmart anyway.
The Walmart in Laramie was very nice. They didn't offer this grocery service though so, for the first several months of his life, Wells got used to grocery shopping.
Here, the Walmart two miles down the road and hidden on the top of a hill offers grocery pick-up. While going to Walmart isn't the worst because Wells really does like riding in the cart and smiling at people, it sucks up a lot of time.
So I decided to try ordering groceries again.
It went very well.
An employee was waiting for ME when I got there and loaded up my groceries in two minutes. I'll do it again for sure.

2. Floating shelf.

Gone are the days of setting the camera on the crib ledge and putting the Hatch right next to it. I never fixed either in a permanent spot because we moved out of Wyoming when he was 5 months old and I'm still putting his room here together. But after lowering the crib, I needed to raise the camera and I wanted the Hatch in a spot where he couldn't pull it down on himself, but he could still see it and, more importantly, I would be able to see him by the light of the Hatch when I went in to check on him.
I hate that this shelf cost $20 (Target) but I love the look of it, so whatever. I was even able to put it up myself.
Eventually I will secure those cords to the wall, but we're not at that stage yet.

3. Sunblock.

I saw this on a blog and thought That looks promising. I need a sunblock for my face that doesn't feel like sunblock. I had bought this moisturizer and it was fine for a moisturizer but, indeed, smelled like sunblock, so I don't like to put makeup on over or or wear it all day if I'm not outside. This is more like a really light BB cream and I think it was worth every penny. I mean, it wasn't that much, but more than I'd normally spend on make-up.

4. Olay Face Mask (again)
Speaking of products, if you're not using these Olay Face Masks, you're missing out. I started with the Fresh Reset (the pink one) and tried it a few times before ordering the Charcoal (the black one) and then this week I tried out the Glow (it's white charcoal). I wanted to be sure they didn't irritate my skin because it can usually be a miss with drugstore products. These are a total win, even for sensitive skin.

5. Wells and I watch The Ben Shapiro Show most days (if we don't watch, I listen while we walk). I think he enjoys it.

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  1. lol video cameras for baby...those were awesome and torturous at the same time. when kayla was a baby, i'd look into that camera and see her staring right back at me and i'd think GO THE F TO SLEEP!!

  2. I have to make a make up trip anyways this weekend (out of foundation) so I'm totally looking for that Oil of Olay stick - EVERYONE raves about it!

  3. I need to try grocery pickup someday. I want to but am afraid of the substutions

  4. Just ordered the pink Olay mask! I love doing masks and the stick version seems fun and maybe less messy than the ones in a tub?

  5. I've used Clinique's City Block in the past and I really liked it. Love your floating shelf! Glad Walmart came through this time!


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