March 5, 2019


I found a Walmart near our house on Google Maps. But when I actually "got there", there was no Walmart. Oh well, I thought. Weeks later, Scott said he was at Walmart "near our house" and I was like What? and he said Yeah, it's up on a hill. Kinda hidden. It's huge.
I went the next day.
I'm not a die-hard for Walmart, but it has everything I need in one store, like this dog food that I buy every other week ( doesn't carry it and Walmart is the ONLY place that does) to mix with their dry food. And formula. Formula can be bought pretty much anywhere, but to have paper products, toiletries, allthegroceries, formula, AND dog food in one stop? That's for me. It's less than 2 miles away.
Plus, Target is right across the street if I'm feeling browse-y.

I turn on Veggie Tales or SuperWhy for Wells a lot. He's never interested. He loves music and will grab at our phone screens but won't watch TV. This is probably okay.

I spilled dog food on the basement steps yesterday. Instead of trying to clean it up, I just kept directing Jett toward it and he took care of it for me.

I felt like I had an ear infection a few weeks ago. I have had a ton of sinus issues with my ears in the last two years. Finally, I felt like it'd reached the point of needing real medicine, instead of Mucinex. But, I'd been at the doctor for a well check and just to establish care (with Tricare Prime Remote, you have to be on the ball) the week before and I'd had to take Wells with me and people there had had the flu and, well, that made me nervous. So I didn't want to go back to the doctor because of the potential for germs, whether Wells was with me or not (and with Scott's schedule, he'd have to be). Therefore...the confession....I dug out Scott's emergency stash of antibiotics and just treated myself for a week.

I hate it when people throw their hand weights down at the gym. I've been to gyms where they make a big deal about not throwing them. But here, the instructor throws hers and it's just so annoying and lazy (and so, so bad for the floor).

If I see one more person say they eat 80/20, I'm going to ask to see their calculation sheet. Your perception of 80/20 is not good enough for me if you claim you're doing all the right things by eating 80/20. I mean, WHAT IS 80/20, really???

I am the worst (the worst) and putting up curtain rods. It's pitiful how terrible I am with a drill. I always manage to get halfway with the project and then Scott has to take .008 seconds of his time and finish it properly.


  1. You scare me - I need to put up some new curtains & wondered if I could do the rods myself.
    I would have steered clear of the doctor's too with the flu going around. I've been fighting a sinus/ear thing myself for the past 3 weeks.
    I do 80/20 - but the 20 is the healthy food I eat ;) haha

  2. Slamming hand weights down drives me absolutely insane!

    1. I don't understand the why behind it. I've been to gyms where they make a big deal about doing it gently, and I can't believe some people can't grasp that.

  3. I just got an ear infection this week and I'm like...I didn't even know this happened to adults! I don't know if I've ever had one in my life but it was painful enough to send me to a doctor willingly so, that was weird. Antibiotics are awesome.

  4. I'm in the can't do curtain rods either club. One of my living room windows has had a crooked rod for 5 years. I just don't want to deal with it. Plus- #singlelife


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