March 14, 2019

8 months of Wells

8 whole months.

I didn't quite get around to writing much down this month.

But we've been busy and the month, honestly, flew by.

Wells isn't crawling quite yet but he does this thing where he lifts all 4 limbs off the floor and flutters and rocks and slaps the ground. He also pushes up and rocks back and forth. He goes backwards once in a while, instead of forward. He spins around from this position and will somehow end up six feet in another direction but I don't really know how he gets there. Also, he's tipping over his legs, like he's about to crawl but doesn't know how to get into position yet. His motivation is usually Jett or Scout and he tries to reach for their paws.  He spins a lot when he's in a sitting position. He's not pulling himself up yet but I think it's near time to lower the crib.

Wells steals hearts everywhere he goes. You can't take him in a store without at least two people stopping to say hi. He usually as a RBF expression for those occasions, but if they talk to him enough, he'll smile and show some teeth. He has 4 teeth and is working on at least two more.

He loves to laugh and I don't know what it is about that silly cucumber. He laughs and laughs at him.

He does like music and I don't listen to music very often. But it calms him down if he's upset and, in the car, I've caught him "singing along" more than once.

I keep meaning to write a post about how I make baby food. Maybe next week. We've moved onto trying pouches and puffs (because pureeing fruit is fine but I can only do that for so long). He basically refuses to use his fingers to put food in his mouth. This is good because he doesn't put random things in his mouth (aside from chewing on blankets) but also he won't feed himself. I can put bread or noodles or meat or puffs in for him but he'll let it fall out....and stare "helplessly" as it falls, because apparently there's nothing he can do about it (i.e. use his hands).
Edited to add: As of March 8th-ish, he's putting food in his mouth by himself. In fact, it was like something clicked overnight and all of a sudden, EVERYTHING goes in his mouth. Prior to last weekend, he hadn't put anything in his mouth expect his blankets and his hands. 

His morning nap is non-negotiable now. I've, at times, prioritized other things (appointments, etc.) over that, and he just needs that space to sleep in the morning. Usually this is from 10am-12pm. An afternoon nap is more flexible but this just generally means we need to be at home until noon and that is what it is. He's a baby. My job is to make sure he gets to sleep when he needs to get to sleep.

He loves his bath at night. I finally bought him some bath toys and, previously, what he played with and held onto in the tub was an empty baby shampoo bottle. When I plopped him in the tub in the middle of the toys last week, he batted at them and then stared up at the shelf, longingly, at the same empty Aveeno bottle. So I gave it to him and he grabbed it and tucked it under his arm, in its usual spot. It's pretty funny that he can't continue on with his bath unless that bottle is in place. If it "escapes", he flails his arms, trying to capture it again.

He also figured out how to get his foot into his mouth just this week. That wasn't anything he'd done before. It provides endless amusement apparently.

Wells is wearing mostly 12-18 month clothing but still can wear 9 month pants. In fact, I bought him a 12 month outfit I just love but it's summery and I realized it might not fit him come summer, so I went back and got it in the 18 month size too.  I need to find him some real shoes. Any recommendations? Also, I need to get a play-yard of sorts to barricade him off. Thoughts?


  1. So he's a charmer already drawing everyone in :)
    Isnt it funny how someone designed that cucumber & was like, Kids will love him... & then they were right. HOW DO THEY KNOW THESE THINGS???

  2. It's so funny seeing how people are just drawn to babies!!! They are like little magnets.

    1. Right?! I was never that person. Puppies, yes. Babies, no.

  3. I can't believe he's 8 months old!


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